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  1. He is coming over to West Virginia for a family reunion... I think his two sisters live here in the U.S. Then he's going to Washington, D.C. He'll be here the first part of August but I don't have exact dates yet. I wouldn't expect it to be on his website since it is a personal trip. Bob
  2. Peter Spoden will be here in the States next week so I hope to go up and meet with him again. He has written his own book... http://www.nachtjaegerspoden.de/index.html Check out his website. Bob
  3. When I got into collecting aviation prints, Gunther Rall was one of the first aces that I met. Since then I've met quite a few: Adolf Galland, Walter Krupinski, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Heinz Lange, Hajo Herrmann, Viktor Petermann, Drewes, Zorner, Gunther Bahr, Karl Johanssen, Peter Spoden, and many more. Great guys and great stories. Bob
  4. Here are some detail photos of the SS-Obersturmfuhrer of Sanitatsdienst tunic... enjoy! Bob
  5. More than likely a walk out dress uniform that was left at home for furloughs or for such a time that he might be assigned to staff duty and require a nicer tunic. Willi has a SS-Obersturmfuhrer of Sanitatsdienst tunic too. It is a lightweight M1937 styled (SS) with the open collar made of the same material as the rest of the tunic and is piped in silver twist cord. It has twin upper pleated pockets with scalloped flaps, a four-button front, twin slash lower pockets and French cuffs. It has the standard officer collar tabs, silver bullion sleeve eagle, sewn in SS shoulder boards with black underlay, dark-blue waffenfarben, single gilt metal pip and the gilt metal caduseus ciphers. It has a WMC 2nd Class ribbon in the buttonhole. Tailor made in Berlin.
  6. And this is me standing next to it... Bob (wish I had it in my collection)
  7. No. Belongs to my friend Willi Schumacher. Here is another photo with him standing next to it. Bob
  8. Personally I like the shoulder boards better when they're still attached to the tunic. Here is a spectacular SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer of Veterinar tunic from the Deutschland Regiment. It has Army-styled sewn in shoulder boards with single gilt pips and the gilt snake cipher. Bob
  9. Here is another shot looking from the left end of the display table... Bob
  10. Here is Willi Schumacher's exhibit last year at the Nation's Militaria & Arms Show in Chantilly, Virginia. There are four super nice TOTENKOPF tunics with some super headgear. Bob
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