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  1. Faibhiadh mis’ a màireach,” ars’ an righ; “fanadh tu riumsa, ars’ a ghoath

  2. Hallo Leigh
    jist tae let ye ken thit ahm back,dae ye hae facebuik?

  3. Where have you been hiding?

  4. Hallo This is quite beside the point, but i was wondering if there are any members in the forum who speak welsh?,if ther are,i wad be so grateful if any o them could translate this thing intae inglish,scots or gaelic Thanks in advance william tuna
  5. far and awa the best collection i have eer seen of asian medals,it musta taken you years tae collect them! william
  6. does anyone hae information as to if this regiment served at gallipoli? William
  7. Chris,Brain,thanks a haip for the replies where can i purchase a lee enfield rifle here in tha uk? dae i need to hold a fire arm certificate? William tuna
  8. Hallo As many o you know,the Lee-Enfield and German Mauser 98 wir tha main battle rifles o ww1,these rifles wir used by a variety o countries such as germany,england,australia,new zelland. and they were bolt action high powered rifles,but Which o them in yer opinion wis the best? William Tuna
  9. Hello Freends is this badge you see in the photo dated frae ww1? any help would be much appreciated Thanks already william
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