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    TR Collector (30+ years), with significant Historical interests, in the: Technische Nothilfe - TN - TeNo - TENO - (Technischen Nothilfe) .... and SCHUMA. I wish to learn more about these TR Organizations; collect representative Items: and share this information with the Collecting & Historical community, at large... It's no fun (and it is certainly not educational) to Collect Items & Information ... to not be able to Share then with like-minded fellow collectors... I will be pleased to share items with fellow collectors and authors, who wish to use them for educational interests of our community... I am also interested in acquiring ANY Items, in these 2 Special Areas of my interests... Txs, dblmed / Dave

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  1. Gustav Curtse was a very important key member / leader of the TeNo & is a well referenced and recognized TR figure. Congrats on obtaining his special & quite nice ribbon bar as this will certainly be both an historic as well as an important part of your collection. Best, Dave / dblmed
  2. I'd feel comfortable with it in my collection. You've done good basic testing for that time frame. Plus, the material weave is consistent with similar ones in my collection. Usually the fabric is Linen, but it can also rarely be Cotton. You can also compare the stamp with other examples. nice find ! dblmed / Dave
  3. Schuma Führer SD / Sicherheitspolizei Bullion Sleeve Patch The BeVo version [using Aluminum/Silvered wire threads] is the usual patch for the Schuma Führer d. SD which is most often found. A bullion version was also authorized [Deuster, Tafel Sm3 & text] for the ranks of the Schuma Führer d. SD. Attached are 2 examples of this uncommonly found Schuma sleeve patch. [DaveJ's nice example was 1st seen on Post 49 & I've been searching for another since seeing it.] http://www.wehrmacht...t=234390&page=4 Txs, Dave L / dblmed
  4. Schuma (Schutzmannschaften) Officer's M43 Field Cap. Thanks to NickG & Askold! Here is the Schuma Officers M43 Field Cap which the dealer 'stated' came with the previously posted Tunic. What's your opinion of the Cap? …Txs, Dave L / dblmed
  5. With regards to the authenticy of the SCHUMA tunic, Askold Posted: http://www.wehrmacht...907#post4526907 Sorry to say, but this is a put together tunic (oh, big surprise with that dealer.) These tabs were sold on German eBay few months ago. Their construction is a bit shady so I passed on them. Someone bought them, and in few months, they magically turn into a tunic. The problem the dealer made, was putting extra piping around - such combination never existed. I earlier asked about the backing of these tabs in question, as I am not that good with tabs: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...d.php?t=450655 & also NickG Posted: I was intrigued by this tunic on Peter's site... Sold quickly I understand... So its been assembled-restored like this with what turns out to be questionable collar tabs... Interesting that its in Polizei green wool, combat cut with proper Polizei pockets (chest pockets pleated, skirt pockets plain, as it should be) BUT with a modified (early armed forces style) dark green collar, something Not seen usually on Polizei tunics!
  6. SCHUMA / Schutzmannschaft Zugführer "Leytenant´s" Combat Tunic # 1 Thanks to Abigor for spotting this quite special tunic! It was recently sold on the website of Peter v Lukacs www.military-antiques-stockholm.com/ Here is what the Dealer has to say about this SCHUMA tunic: "...The tunic is from start a Police field tunic, six button front. Rough police green wool with four patch-style pockets and straight-edge flaps. Breast-pockets have pleats but lower pockets are pleat-less, all in true police-style. Tunic is fully lined in brown drill cloth and have clear size markings with a good size "98" chest size. The field tunic have then been modified with a dark green Officers collar added to the tunic, which looks to be of Police issue as it have the same cloth on backside as the police tunics use in the linings. Also all belt hook straps have been removed inside. At the Collar the tunic have Zugführer (Leytnant) Collar tabs machine sewn in place. The collar tabs are made of black badge cloth and is surrounded with twisted cord of the same variety used by SS and LW. On the collar patches there are a tresse sewn all around it, both collar tabs are the same. At shoulder there are shoulder boards made of black wool tops and field grey backsides, the boards have a Officers aluminum/silver embroidered swastika at the middle (one can clearly see the paper underlay it have been embroidered over) and have the same aluminum/silver twisted cord as the collar tabs. On the left arm there are a SCHUMA officers arm badge in woven silver/silver threads (flatwire) on black rayon backing, it is machine sewn in place. On the left breast pocket there are loops for two badges. Tunic show quite a bit of wear and have nap wear all over but specially at the highlighted points, it have some field made mendings and staining outside as well as inside, it is a tunic which for sure have been worn in field for quite some time. It is a "salty dog." ..." Txs, Dave L / dblmed
  7. TeNo Gemeinschaftsführer Board 1940/43 Here is a nice example of the sewn in type of TeNo Gemeinschaftsführer (Gf.-F.) Shoulder Board, which was officially in effect from mid 1940 – mid 1943. However this Board continued to be worn until kriegsend by the TeNo men who wore the classic Navy-Blue [Dunkelblau] TN uniform. [There were war time supply & distribution problems, and the intended 1943 transition to the TeNo-Police uniform & new ranking configuration, were not available for all of the TeNo members.] The metal "Pip" [in Silver or Gold] - which was used by the TeNo is unique to this organization. [There are other somewhat similar Cog pips, worn by the Kriegsmarine & the DAF, which are often confused with the TeNo Pip, especially on dealer sites.] Thanks, …Dave L / dblmed
  8. Hi hucks216 Very, very nice TeNo award document ! Congrats! Not many examples of TeNo documents are found ! The use of the word "TeNo" instead of either T.N. or TN. is quite a bit unusual for an official document. However, the word "TeNo" was occasionally used in pre-TR publications & TR publications. Since the KVK1 award date is so late in the war [March 17, 1945], I would image that it was one of the last ones issued from the TN [TeNo] Ortsgruppe of Sankt Ingbert. It was definitely a "hot" combat area when this award document was issued. Some WWII historical time line information about Sankt Ingbert is listed below. Sankt Ingbert (also St. Ingbert) is a town in the Saarpfalz district in Saarland, Germany. It is situated approx. 10 km north-east of Saarbrücken and 10 km south-west of Neunkirchen. The Infantry Regiments [of the 63d Infantry Division] remained with their attachments until early February 1945. The rest of the division arrived at Marseilles, 14 January 1945, then moved to Willerwald on 2 February, where it was joined by the advance elements on 6 February. On February 7th, the 63d conducted local raids and patrols, then pushed forward, crossing the Saar River on 17 February, and mopping up the enemy in Muhlen Woods. After bitter fighting at Güdingen early in March, the division smashed at the Siegfried Line on March 15th at Saarbrücken, Germany, taking Ormesheim and finally breaching the line at Sankt Ingbert and Hassel on 20 March, 1945. Hard still fighting lay ahead, but the Siegfried Line was Germany's last attempt to defend its prewar boundaries along the western front; this was a significant moment in the 63rd Infantry's history. Before resting on 23 March, the 63d took Spiesen-Elversberg, Neunkirchen and Erbach. http://en.wikipedia....nited_States%29 ... Txs, Dave L / dblmed
  9. TeNo-Police Classic Photo – 1943-1945 - Ranking of Rottwachtmeister d. TN: [Parallelogram shaped "SS-Like" Black Collar Tabs w 2 Narrow Rows of Tresse - & - Shoulder Boards w 1 Wide Tresse Strip at the Base.] Through the keen eyes of a good friend [Txs, DC!], this super photo just came my way. The photo shows all of the Key elements of the June 1, 1943 – Kriegsend TeNo-Police Uniform ensemble: Tunic - Correct Police Tunic;Collar Tabs – Matching Mirrored "SS-Like" TabsShoulder Boards – TN-Police TypeSleeve Eagle – BLACK TeNo-Police EagleRaute – Diamond Shaped TeNo-Police TRADITIONS Abzeichen, worn on the left lower sleeveM43 Soft Billed Cap – with Police Insignia. [Of interest, the Soft Billed Cap was the same as the Police Caps; It Did Not Have the Black Piping which was used on the TeNo-Police Soft Side Cap.] [*Pants & Boots – I am not knowledgeable regarding the date range of use.] Txs, … Dave L / dblmed
  10. OLDUF - What a Super Group of Photos! You really have a great collection of rarely seen TR Organizations in your photo collection. Well done - Thanks for sharing them. ... Best, Dave L / dblmed
  11. RE: Variant SCHUMA Fire Police Shoulder Boards Part of the fun of SCHUMA collecting is finding the unexpected! Just when you think that you "sort of" have the Insignias of this TR organization figured out – something previously unknown pops up. Thanks to a keen eyed friend [Askold Txs!] I was able to add a 'variant' type of SCHUMA Fire Police shoulder board set to the collection. It is a not seen before type for me – but perhaps other collectors have come across it? It's not shown in Dieter Deuster's fine book with the SCHUMA chapter, so it's a bit of a mystery yet. As is Attached Below: A - SCHUMA Fire Police Boards A – represent the 'Typical' shoulder boards attributed to this branch. The base cloth [top & bottom] is Police Green, with Fire Police RED used for the piping & the swastika. B - SCHUMA Fire Police Boards B – represents, IMO an 'Atypical' / unusual shoulder board set, also consistent with the Fire Police. For B, the base cloth [top & bottom] is BLACK, with Crimson-RED used for the piping & ROSA used for the swastika. The overall pattern is consistent with SCHUMA boards. WHY - the observed Color differences?: (1) It could well be a war time expediency of just using the available cloth materials – since fabricating SCHUMA Insignia was not at the top of the priorities list; or – (2) The central swastika ROSA faded due to the dye-lot or exposure to light [but I rather doubt this explanation; or - (3) The SCHUMA B shoulder boards 'could' have been manufactured to designate a yet unknown Fire Police function [i.e. Airfield Fire Police vs Municipal Fire Police vs. Rural Fire Police, etc., bzw.]; or – (4) Another yet unknown function? What is your Opinion & Thoughts on these SCHUMA Boards? ….. Txs, Dave L / dblmed
  12. Rank - of SCHUMA Sicherheitspolizei Plain [No Tresse] Black Right Collar Tab I was thinking about John T's nice Schuma tab, so I reviewed Dieter Deuster's "Deutsche Polizei-Uniformen." If you collect Police or TeNo or Schuma – this book is a 'must-have' Reference for your library, although it is written in German only. I've translated the TeNo chapter & part of the Schuma chapter – more to go.] Using Deuster's Tafel SM 4, page 428, as a starting base, I've added some of the SCHUMA Sicherheitspolizei ranking; John's blank tabs & real examples of the 4 shoulder board types. John's SCHUMA Sicherheitspolizei Plain [No Tresse] Black Collar Tab is a match for the Right Sided collar tab, of the rank of SCHUTZMAN. [Deuster shows the SCHUMA Schutzpolizei ranks [Green], but it is my understanding that the SCHUMA Sicherheitspolizei followed the same naming pattern.] Askold has a valid point also, IMO. It would be quite reasonable that 'excess supplies' of the Blank Black Collar Tabs might have been supplied to SCHUMA units, so that the Tresse could be added locally for promotions. [supply was certainly a real problem in the vast areas where the SCHUMA operated.] The Blank Black Collar tab could well have had 2 purposes – for the SCHUTZMAN rank & for use in future promotions. The above follows the Dienstgradabzeichen of 1943-1945 [although I believe that it was also in use in late 1942 also]. The 'classic' 1942 SCHUMA ranking was by means of various series of a Silver Tresse "V" & Silver Tresse linear stripes (1-4) worn on the left lower sleeve, above the cuff. Interesting stuff ! SCHUMA collecting is a continuing study of history! [Roman, Txs again for the variant Schuma Feuerpolizei Tab!] … Dave L / dblmed
  13. Nice SCHUMA Tabs (!) Hi John - Nice SCHUMA Tabs (!) CONGRATS ! From what I've read & from the Schuma photos which I've seen [granted, not that many!], it seems that Schuma collar tabs were worn as identical matched pairs. Yours, from a reliable Vet source, might represent what he gathered up from a supply depot, or other source, IMO. At any rate = NICE Schuma items. Thanks for posting them. Best, ... Dave L / dblmed
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