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  1. As you mention it, François, both are seen as authentiques. So, the VOLUNTARIIS version is not fake. Only difference, according to 'Borné' is the finishing of the medal itself : by the VOLONTARIIS version, the medal is in patinated bronze, while the VOLUNTARIIS version should be more patinated dark ocre-yellowish instead of bronze... Cheers, Detlev
  2. Hello, here you can see 3 different crowns on the CdG.. The middle one is from a French medalmaker 'Delande' approx 1930's even the lions on the centerpiece are a bit different... Detlev
  3. hello, this is your missing ribbon : but if you are looking for an Original piece : good luck, because the medal is already 150 years old and is not longer attributed. Therefor, you should look out for remakes like this one: best regards, Detlev
  4. official name: The bronze palmes of the Belgian Red Cross 1940-1945 Only existing in this degree... best regards
  5. si can mine be an genuine one? best regards, Detlev
  6. thank you Igor, so this is not a true medal?
  7. Good day, should there be anyone who can help me with this one? is it a genuine one? if so, can one determine a date? thank you, Detlev
  8. hello, can anyone help me out with this one? thank you, Detlev
  9. Hello Rob, The hallmark is an 'A' marking, which stands simply for the fact that the medal is silver. In that specific case gilt silver. kind regards, Detlev
  10. Hello, same opinion here.. when you compare yours with the original on the website you refers to, you see that of your species, the 'R' is more round and detailed and also, when you look at the top of each number, the top of the original is not so thick as the restrike.
  11. has not set their status

  12. Nice pictures. here a quick snap of my 'Décoration Militaire' collection, with explicite thanks to Guy Deploige and his website, which has made it possible to me to determine the different types. On the picture: 1: type Leopold II (first 2 on the left: 1873-1900, last 3: 1900-1910) 2: type Albert I 'Single A' 3: type Albert I 'Double A' 4: type Leopold III 5: type from Boudewijn on (from 1950 on, but without tose made from 1950 till 1952) The gaps in between are the missing links
  13. I do not think this box is the correct one for this Article 4 medal. the box seems more to me, like a box for labour decorations Here an example of a correct 'Décoration Militaire' box, in particular a Second Class medal kind regards, Detlev
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