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  1. Hi Vince, Anhalt‘s Friedrich Kreuz is an unofficial award so doesn‘t count for me. Hi Grey, You are correct.
  2. Thank you ixhs. yes I am still waiting for my items he has. I bought and paid for all of these items myself and sent them to Sascha to then send to Australia because some eBay sellers do not ship to Australia.
  3. I totally agree with you Sascha has always been helpful and a great member of our community and this is in no way a comment against him at all. The problem... I had contacted Sascha about some items I was having problems getting shipped from Germany from manly eBay sellers who do not ship internationally. He very kindly and graciously agreed and I had shipped to him these items: Wilhelm Ernst Kriegskreuz (ex Landshuter Rüstkammer February Auction Lot 551) Sachsen Coburg Gotha 1914/17 Spange 2er Württemburg Ordensspange Sachsen Meiningen Kreuz As well as I purchased a 2er Lippe Feldspange from him. He let me know 0n Mar 2nd that he had all the items and I replied and asked him to let me know how much I owe him to ship the 5 items to me in Australia. And since then I have had problems getting in contact with him. At this stage the items have not been sent yet and Sascha still has them I know that he had issues with his email and website but that seems to be ok now as the last update was posted and he did email me a little over 2 weeks ago which I have mentioned earlier and people have told me he has been active on Facebook. I just need to get in touch with Sascha and have him ship these items that is all. As you have all said he is an honest dealer and a good guy which is exactly why I trusted him with these items. If I did not believe this I would not have had these pieces sent to him.
  4. ....and now 2 weeks on and still nothing. For the record Sascha is currently holding and had kindly agreed to ship these 5 items to me. Wilhelm Ernst Kriegskreuz (ex Landshuter Rüstkammer February Auction Lot 551) Sachsen Coburg Gotha 1914/17 Spange 2er Württemburg Ordensspange Sachsen Meiningen Kreuz 2er Lippe Feldspange It has been a month now since Sascha let me know he had received all the items. I feel I have been backed in a corner with no other option but to post here in the hope that someone may be able to help me out get things moving. Sascha If there has been some kind of misunderstanding I can only apologize. Alan
  5. I awoke this morning with this message in my inbox, "Hello Alan, I'm still alive! Really very sorry for the massive delay. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Had some severe technical problems here, among other things... Best regards Sascha" Thank you Laurentius and ixhs for messaging Sascha for me, and Andreas for the mobile number and to all that contributed to this thread
  6. I‘m not exactly sure what you mean, I simply want to get in touch with Sascha and as I stated in my original post that my last couple of emails went unanswered, which I find unusual and out of character for Sascha, and then furthur emails have be bounced back undelivered which may idicate an email problem. If his email is not working at the moment I am hoping to get in contact with him another way and I thought he might see this post or someone here maybe able to help and at the very least let him that I would like to speak with him.
  7. Oh, that‘s good to hear. Thanks Laurentius. I don‘t have a Facebook account, could you let him know I‘m trying to contact him please?
  8. Hello Everyone, I have been speaking with Sachsaw by email recently and he was kind enough to hold onto some items that I was having trouble getting shipped from Germany. When we emailed, his replies were always prompt that was up until 2 weeks ago, with my last 2 emails going unanswered and now my emails come back as MAILER-DAEMON@yahoo.com "Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. <sw@woeschler-orden.de>: Unable to deliver message after multiple retries, giving up." I am a little concerned as this is not like Sascha. Has anyone spoken with or seen him recently? or perhaps could put me in contact him. Thanks Alan
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