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  1. The bottom right Admirals shoulder board is a fake. It is a Soviet era Generals/Admirals board which had the star removed and a modern day embroidery executed of an Imperial Admirals eagle, 100% fake. Just compare the width and quality of the shoulder board field’s embroidery and constitution to the original overcoat Major Generals board which is to the left of it, night and day difference.
  2. Dear Fellow Forum Memebers, Here is a wondeful grouping which surfaced not long ago from an antiquer who purchases material from estates in Great Britain. These are obviously effects of a former Colonel of the White Russian Army who ended up living and passing away in the UK. The shoulder boards appear to be crudely made (very common for White Russian Army) and are for the rank of Colonel. There is also a small metal pin-back jetton which is a miniature of the shoulder boards and is engraved on the back with the Colonel's initiatls and a date: 15th of May 1919. I was wondering which re
  3. Dear Fellow Collectors, I am lookimg for feedback on the wings depicted in the attached images. Although probably not from the Civil War period, they are nevertheless from the Blue Squadron period. I have always seen the back attachement in the form of a nut. These however have some sort of an attachement device which is like a stud which is inside and well afixed. The props with the eagle are tightly attached and do not come loose in any way. They can also be comfortably turned a bit from side to side, but again, they are firmly attched to the body and absolutrly no sign of tampering, since
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