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  1. Agreed.Actually when I visit Warsaw in August I will investigate placing an Ad in a paper and see if my Polish father-in-law ,ex Colonel in Army ,can help trace any members of this soldier's family. At the least, the effects should be in the Polish national Army museum if the MOD would agree to release them or other effects.Given that the political,military (NATO memebership) and economic climate of Poland has changed out of recognition in the past 15 years there may be more room for negotiation.
  2. Many thanks Leigh :this is very useful and pertinent info which will help me a lot.Thanks for your time and the detail you have passed on: the successes you mention obviously meant a lot to the people who received info on their families after so long.I will follow these up.I know of the Princes Gate Centre: I had a Polish meal dinner there 10 years ago with an ex-soldier from Poland.
  3. Many thanks:I would appreciate the article I do appreciate the reply of yours. I understand your point:my father had a good friend in NATO,German Officer captured by the Americans,and who returned to East Germany to find his wife-caught and shipped off to Siberia for 12 years,returned found his wife,settled in Bonn and rebuilt his life.Still alive I believe. My wife's Polish grandpa took part in the last cavalry charge in Europe against the German tanks:still alive aged 93.But I guess all records have been destroyed as you say. Many thanks robs.sanderson@btopenworld.com
  4. Could anyone kindly advise me as to where I could obtain details of the service and fate of a Polish Sargeant pilot OLEK ALEKSANDER who was shot down and killed around 1943 in Britain.I have,surprisingly , inherited many letters and photos/insignia of the pilot who was friendly with my mother who lived at Kenley in WW2. I have interesting photos of this man in his spitfire ,with General Sikorsky etc and am keen to return his letters and photos to his family.This is possible since,ironically, I have married a Polish national and travel there intermittently! I would be grateful for advice on whe
  5. I am seeking to find information about the battles in which the above regiment may have been involved. My father, then Captain John Sanderson -see his medals including Burma star-on my website www.medalholder.com -told me that after service on the Northwest Frontier/Kyber Pass he fought in a battle where the Dokotas dropped re-supplies mostly around the position in Japanese hands and there was an almighty loss of lives on both sides with repeated charges. I suspect it was Shangshak battle as this was highlighted in a book he left-including the story of a Japanese officer with a sword who fell
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