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  1. Good day, I have here a small lot of buttons which appear to be belgian and bavarian. They all look different and were probably worn on different uniforms and possibly in different times. Could you help me to correctly assign them to period - uniform? Many thanks 1st button
  2. Hello Emanuel, thanks for your confirmation! Yep it is ground dug, from a war end retreat area where also croatian stuff was found and POW crossed too. It is then most likely a discarded badge from a chetnik, I guess. Kind regards
  3. Good day, I could use some help here in correctly ID this fragment of badge found. I believe it's from the kingdom of Yugoslavia, but I would like to know if anyone would have used also till the war end. Many thanks
  4. Hi, I just joined the group on FB, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Hi, thanks for the hint! I looked on amazon but I only found some comic books under that title. Do you know the author? thanks
  6. Quite uncommon medal I would say. I think it could be dated 1900-1930's period and it related to a charity association called Associazione Italiana Pubblica Assistenza (Public Aid Italian Ass). No clue for the other acronymous. It must have been related to Red Cross and this medal was awarded to stretchers,imo. But there is very little information about it and I could only find a similar medal but with a different ribbon. A keeper indeed
  7. Good day, I started collecting napoleonic relics as a side collection. It is still possible to dig some buttons over here, a reminder of the past battles when Napoleon reached here. My collection is tiny on the subject, mainly buttons, some buckle and relic badge, all ground dug. I recently bought an interesting book entitled "Waterloo Relics" which is very interesting but far from being complete. I was wondering then if there is any book out there showing details of buckles, buttons, insignia (not drawings but real pictures). Thanks in advance regards Matt
  8. I would like to start a thread here hoping somebody would solve a mistery. A friend of mine found on a battlefield area 2 metal stars very similar to soviet ones, but worn by yugoslav partisans. They were not enameled but painted with a thick red. They have the hammer and sickle in the middle. I will ask his permission to post the image but meanwhile: anyone know the existance of such stars? a slovenian collector suggested they were actually soviet made for the yugoslav partisans. Thanks in advance
  9. I do have a very nice south african one. I will add it later this week-end
  10. Matt R

    Maginot Line?

    Hi Tim, it's pretty big, medal size I would say
  11. Matt R

    Maginot Line?

    Hello Bison, terrific collection !
  12. Matt R

    Is this french?

    Thank you Bear and Peter! I think then it might be british: it was together with french and british insignias. Matt
  13. Matt R

    Is this french?

    Hello,I need some help with the identification of this badge thanks
  14. Matt R

    Maginot Line?

    Hello, I need some help in ID this badge. it looks a bit different from the Maginot Line badge I found on the net , but the style is very similar. What is it? thanks
  15. Hi Matt, thanks for your post. I never liked those badges commonly seen on the famous online auction site. Sometimes also arm patches show up, but they don't convince much either. There are very few pics of Jewish Brigade members, that is difficult to know what they exactly wore. It is an interesting topic though. regards Matt
  16. Hello, I would like to add some items to my WW2 collection and I was considering a small cameo of Jewish Brigade insignias. Problem is that I couldn't find period pics to have a clear idea of their patches and hat insignia. I've seen often some cap badges offered as jewish brigade but they look very similar to those worn by jewish chaplains in the british army. It would be really appreciated if some of you would share his collection here and teach me something new regards Matt
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