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  1. greetings. trying to locate the 1914 star to Sgt or Lt G F Antell from Canada. have the rest of the group. best, braxton bradford
  2. greetings. mine is a miniature of the left one, and the V is between the arms of the cypher and has a ring rather than a straight bar. came with a canadian WW 1/post war gp to an arm sgt who became a capt assigned to the RAF in 1918, and went back to sgt after the war. best, braxton
  3. greetings. braxton bradford here. has anyone seen a colonial auxilliary forces medal with the cypher GRV? the ones i've found have GRI. the medal is a silver vertical oval w/silver crown, ring attached to the ribbon with oak leaved top bar. best, braxton
  4. greetings. if you sen me your email address i'll send you scans of the bar. best, braxton
  5. greetings and thanks. no centennial medal. from left to right 1870 IC 2nd class w/ 25 yr oakleaf, bav mil merit medal, 1870-71 camp w/bars. thats all folks. w/just 612 awarded for the franco prussian war. rara avis. best, brax
  6. greetings. can't scan, but it has the 1870 iron cross 2nd class w/25 yr oak leaf, bav mil merit medal, and the 1870 camp medal w/bars weissenburg, sedan and paris. on trapezoidal mount. best, braxton
  7. greetings. i have an 1870 campaign medal bar w/the 1870 IC w/25 yr oakleaf and the bavarian military merit medal. only 612 were awarded. can it be id'd? the battles were weissenburg, sedan, and paris. any help? best, braxton
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