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    I'm collecting miniature Orders & Decorations from the Older European Kingdoms, preferrably before 1918. However, beeing from Denmark, I would take an special interest in the Scandinavian Countries.

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  1. Actually, if you give it some thoughts it's not that strange. A Royal person or a high ranking person like a prime minister or general would need a miniature group on a frequest basis and all would have at least one miniature group (many would have several), whereas a court servant would not need a miniature group in his civil life at any occations (generally speaking). When on official duty they would wear their full size awards! That's why you do see the miniature Red and Pale Blue badges whereas the Dark Blue miniature is rarer seen!
  2. Yes, both are in my collection, apart from these I've only seen perhaps 2-3 on auctions in the past 30 years. You may see similar examples in the Royal Castle Collection in Stockholm if the chains (Oscar II etc) is still on display. Interesting enough it took me 20 years to find a dark blue example whereas the pale blue can be found in quantities.
  3. I can only help with the miniatures if this is of any interest, the Carlmann type (left) and the Tostrup type (right).
  4. My initial thought is that this is not a super rare special class unknown to most, but more likely an example where one or two eagles have fallen off (this happens), and then the remaining have been removed?
  5. I have bought from "Emonlaib" on eBay at several occations and I have never had any problems, everything went smooth and the items were as described.
  6. Hello Joseph and Paul, thank you both for your comments, as usual most helpful. /Lars
  7. All, I just realized that there were an inscription on the reverse of a Mentana cross I have. As I read it it's "2230" and "1. DE I" or "1. DE L" - would anybody have an clue of what this stands for? Soldiers number and regiment, in case, which one? /Lars
  8. A Prussian "Ölberg Kreuz" .. A nice Order of Berthold from Baden ...
  9. Now this tread have been activated again, I can add a few as well. A nice Godet chain, nothing special, but I have been looking for the Red Cross Merit medal from Württemberg for some time! Two versions of the War Commemorative Cross 1813-1814 from Anhalt-Dessau. A somewhat rare seen Order of Louise 2nd class 1865 version
  10. I was recently looking for something else and came across some pages dealing with masonic stuff, refound them just now with a simple google search, could it perhaps have something to do with these gentlemen from the "Lodge Islam"? Seems to be a popular theme, we can probably rule out these 4 danish comedians who have created a highly popular show called "Sons of the Desert" - due to age But perhaps you'll find useful info in this book:
  11. And also a thank you for the info from here, I actually never realized that the lower grades could be "bought". I bought the group at a local auction here, the ribbons are a typical Danish mounting so I'm quite convinced that the recipient was actually a Dane. A miniature group was present as well Regards, Lars
  12. Thanks for your comments, it may be so, I just assumed that the Red Cross organization would political independant, so although they changed the design it would still be a continued award. And yes, it's a Danish mounting, so if you're having one on a similar ribbon it have most likely been worn by a Dane! /Lars
  13. I got this nice group recently, it contains an Austrian 1923 Red Cross Order (quite rare with only 89 awards) as well as an 1864-1914 Red Cross Order plus an Portugese Red Cross Order. I assume the two Austrian decorations would basically be the same award given in Imperial times and during the Republic. Have anybody seen such a combination before and would it have been normal practise to award both?
  14. Thank you for your opinion allthough I had hoped for an ID. So it still remains a mystery.
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