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    I'm collecting miniature Orders & Decorations from the Older European Kingdoms, preferrably before 1918. However, beeing from Denmark, I would take an special interest in the Scandinavian Countries.

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  1. My initial thought is that this is not a super rare special class unknown to most, but more likely an example where one or two eagles have fallen off (this happens), and then the remaining have been removed?
  2. I have bought from "Emonlaib" on eBay at several occations and I have never had any problems, everything went smooth and the items were as described.
  3. Hello Joseph and Paul, thank you both for your comments, as usual most helpful. /Lars
  4. All, I just realized that there were an inscription on the reverse of a Mentana cross I have. As I read it it's "2230" and "1. DE I" or "1. DE L" - would anybody have an clue of what this stands for? Soldiers number and regiment, in case, which one? /Lars
  5. A Prussian "Ölberg Kreuz" .. A nice Order of Berthold from Baden ...
  6. Now this tread have been activated again, I can add a few as well. A nice Godet chain, nothing special, but I have been looking for the Red Cross Merit medal from Württemberg for some time! Two versions of the War Commemorative Cross 1813-1814 from Anhalt-Dessau. A somewhat rare seen Order of Louise 2nd class 1865 version
  7. I was recently looking for something else and came across some pages dealing with masonic stuff, refound them just now with a simple google search, could it perhaps have something to do with these gentlemen from the "Lodge Islam"? Seems to be a popular theme, we can probably rule out these 4 danish comedians who have created a highly popular show called "Sons of the Desert" - due to age But perhaps you'll find useful info in this book:
  8. And also a thank you for the info from here, I actually never realized that the lower grades could be "bought". I bought the group at a local auction here, the ribbons are a typical Danish mounting so I'm quite convinced that the recipient was actually a Dane. A miniature group was present as well Regards, Lars
  9. Thanks for your comments, it may be so, I just assumed that the Red Cross organization would political independant, so although they changed the design it would still be a continued award. And yes, it's a Danish mounting, so if you're having one on a similar ribbon it have most likely been worn by a Dane! /Lars
  10. I got this nice group recently, it contains an Austrian 1923 Red Cross Order (quite rare with only 89 awards) as well as an 1864-1914 Red Cross Order plus an Portugese Red Cross Order. I assume the two Austrian decorations would basically be the same award given in Imperial times and during the Republic. Have anybody seen such a combination before and would it have been normal practise to award both?
  11. Thank you for your opinion allthough I had hoped for an ID. So it still remains a mystery.
  12. Although a miniature decoration I believe it could be this award? /Lars
  13. A little help from our Norwegian members would be appreciated. I have had this miniature medal for some time, I cannot figure out what it is, but am hoping for a little help here. I assume it's Norwegian because it's made by Tostrup, but it can of course be from somewhere else. Any help here? /Lars
  14. Both, thank you for a prompt answer and clarification that the document doesn't belong to the group - which I had assumed for many years. /Lars
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