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  1. Beautiful, although I would say that you have 4 out of 5 ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Chris, you may be right, I'm completely out of my comfort zone here, so any comments in respect of originality is appreciated as well.
  3. This should be an old, although not awarded, Army MoH. When looking at other web sites I can see that these are classified as ie type 4 or 5 and are normally dated for WW1, WW2 or other periods. But I simply don't have a clue of what to look for and have been unable to find an online source, so any help would be appreciated. If anybody knows, try to explain what to look for instead if simply saying "type something". Thanks, Lars
  4. Hi Micke. Unfortunately I don't have a provenience. It's actually not the same orders in different classes, you'll have a Wasa 1st class commander, badge and star, and for the two Thai Orders, the Elephant and Crown, you'll have the same setup, badge and star of the orders.
  5. To support Pauls comment I can show you an example of an older type gold miniature (yes, I have choosen a Swedish group) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Hello 1812. During more than 500 years the Order of the Elephant have been awarded appr. 800 times. The Elephant have changed during that period from an Elephant in Gold without the tower and morian to the type you'll find today. The original statutes have been lost so we don't know exactly why the Elephant were chosen, but it is generally accepted that the Elephant were a symbol of strength and wisdom. I hope this helps. /Lars
  7. Nick, thanks for your comment, basically as I assumed. 1812, they are mine, but not a major financial loss, they came to me with some other items. /Lars
  8. As these are unknown to me I'd be happy to understand if this is pure crap or rare excellent items? Regards, Lars And this one as well (they shouldn't belong together) :
  9. I have a question relating to what I believe is a French Red Cross jeton. It may be the wrong section, but this resembles one of the many French Red Cross jetons I have seen. It's somewhat similar in design to others I have seen and many of these were named to the recipient in the same way. But as it is named to a quite famous nurse, miss Edith Cavell, I'm wondering if it's actually a jeton awarded to her or some kind of commemorative jeton sold in her name to raise money for something? Would anybody in here know? Miss Edith Cavell is quite famous, the following is just copied from the net: Edith Cavell was a British nurse and humanitarian. She entered the nursing profession at the age of 20 and was appointed matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute in Brussels, Belgium, in 1907. During her brief career in Belgium, she succeeded in modernizing the standard of Belgian nursing. When the Germans occupied Belgium at the start of World War I, Cavell joined the Red Cross, and the Berkendael Institute was subsequently converted into a hospital for wounded soldiers of all nationalities.1 Cavell is credited with helping over 200 captured Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium to neutral Holland during the war. She is quoted as saying, โ€œI can't stop while there are lives to be saved.โ€2 Her strong Anglican beliefs led her to assist all soldiers who needed help on both sides of the war. For personally aiding in the escape of these soldiers, Cavell was arrested on August 5, 1915, by local German authorities and was later executed by firing squad.1 Her execution led to worldwide sympathetic press coverageโ€”most notably in Britain and the United States, which had not yet entered the war. Her death was mourned by the British and US population and persuaded many to support the war effort.
  10. Hi Andres, thanks for the video and info, this makes sense, now I hope to understand weather this was some kind of official award or more a family or comrades gift to someone. A few years ago another Cross of Liberty memorabilia was offered at a Swedish auction, it became quite expensive so it didn't went my way, but here's a picture!
  11. Linas, this is indeed Danish. It's a medal given to those (don't know the english word) motorized people who brings info forth and back, primary within the home guard, but not limited to that. Here's the statutes. The older examples would have Silver marks on the reverse, so I suspect yours is a newer one. It's not an official medal. Regards, Lars

    • FOR SALE

    A Prussian miniature chain of Aviation interest, in a much better quality than normally seen. An Iron Cross (marked 800), a Hindenburg Cross, a Wound badge in Silver (marked 900) and a Observer badge (marked 800). Price is 225 euro plus postage, a bank transfer is expected within Europe.


  13. Saw this link in a Facebook group, it may interest some in here, seems to be organized fraud! It's an article regarding fake MC's in quantities. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/derby-fraudster-made-thousands-selling-4208225
  14. Rusty, I have checked the two miniatures and there's no marks on the reverse, but both are marked on the ring. Unfortunately with so small marks that I cannot read them even with a very good magnifier. Lars
  15. Hi Rusty & Owain. If you look at my alias in here it have some resemblance with said eBay seller, so ... Yes, I'm the seller, and as the two miniatures remainded unsold on the .com site they are currently on the French eBay site. I have much too many miniatures in my collection (2000+ items) so I'm slowly sorting items out that I feel are not essential. I ended up with four of these and decided I only need two. These are the two I'll keep for the moment allthough I had some doubt with the light blue one. And it is correct that the ribbon moved from one miniature to another, so mystery solved ๐Ÿ˜‰ Owain, if these remains unsold once again we can allways talk in here ๐Ÿ˜‰ /Lars
  16. It's allways better to get two replys than none ๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. Not Russian, a Serbian Balkan Wars Commemorative Cross.
  18. Michael, it's a miniature, that's why it isn't made like the full size award, I have a few, different makers, but the same construction. Gordon, if you buy the lot and don't need this you could think of me as I don't have this maker ๐Ÿ˜‰
  19. Hi Gordon. This has absolutely nothing to do with Italy, it's The Badge of Honour of the Danish Reserve Officer's Organization. Instituted 27.4.1950 under the reign of King Frederik IX. Hope this helps? Regards, Lars
  20. Don't know what you're looking for, but it's a relatively common item so why would you go for an item with most gilding worn off, several enamel damages and a partly broken suspension? If you compare their price it's not priced accordingly in my opinion, several much better examples have been sold at auction at appr. the same price.
  21. When I was 15 back in 1976 he appeared in a Danish magazine which had an article about him and his collection. I had gained some interest in collecting Orders & Medals but had no clue of where to go and find these items. The article made it clear that he lived in the area where I grew up, so I took a phonebook (yes, those were the times) and found out that there were 6 people living in my area by that name. Then I took my bicycle and went from address to address, rang the doorbell and asked the simple question "Do your husband collects Orders?". At the third address I got a "Ahh, yes, why" and after having explained myself I was invited in. Kai Meyer got me started, we became friends and I have spend many many hours in that basement. I have really learned alot from him, he took me under his wings and he explained carefully what to look for, tricks and hints, and all that stuff. Today I have a quite extensive collection of miniature decorations, the very first miniature I got was bought from him at a very resonnable price, this one: The picture you have must have been from the 1960ies, when I got to know him he had a much larger collection. He died many years ago and his collection is sold, but you will still see items from his collection appearing in various auctions with a proper reference, interesting enough I spotted this one in a French auction some months ago: This is a plate with the Swedish Order of the North Star, still mounted on the plate from his celler, if you look at the picture you can see that his entire collection was mounted this way, plate by plate. Some older collectors would find him a bit controvercy, but that's another story. Hope this helps, Lars
  22. Hi Graf. This was more than helpful and most appreciated, exactly what I was hoping for. I'm pretty sure I have a red ribbon so I can complete this award. Thanks a lot, regards, Lars
  23. Hello Graf. Just got this little medal, I was wondering if it's a medal or a jeton, but looking at the scan of this book it could suggest that it's actually an awarded medal. As I assume you can read this I'd like to ask if you can give a little more info about this as I cannot find any info on the net? Regards, Lars
  24. Actually, if you give it some thoughts it's not that strange. A Royal person or a high ranking person like a prime minister or general would need a miniature group on a frequest basis and all would have at least one miniature group (many would have several), whereas a court servant would not need a miniature group in his civil life at any occations (generally speaking). When on official duty they would wear their full size awards! That's why you do see the miniature Red and Pale Blue badges whereas the Dark Blue miniature is rarer seen!
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