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  1. A very interesting document! Thank you for sharing!
  2. KIA on 21 May 1954 were also: Paul LACZKO, 18° Esc. Gerhard STECKHAN, 11° Esc. Rudolf BEER, 18° Esc., died of his wounds on 22 May 1954 at Nam Dinh Hospital Regards Lars
  3. The EXTREME-ORIENT barette was rarely worn on the Médaille commémorative 1939-1945, but the veterans of the 5° REI in WW2 wore it for example.
  4. In my collection, I have a photo and document grouping of a german, that served a long time, beginning from the 1930´s. He also served in the 5° REI in WW2, marched to China and returned with the "Bataillon de marche/5° REI" in 1946. One of the photos is a studio portrait, shot in Meknes 1937. It is clearly visible that he wears a uniform with collar patches of the 2° Reg. de Tirailleurs Marocains, although I doubt that he ever did serve in that regiment. I never understood why. I assumed, that in certain photo studios in these times, uniforms were kept for customers to wear on photos...
  5. I also wonder why it is not one ribbon bar, but three single ribbons
  6. Be aware that at least the Foreign Legion badges look like restrikes, except maybe for the 13e DBLE badge.
  7. camerone54


    This is the badge of the Promotion d'Élèves Officiers de Réserve à Coëtquidan, class february - may 1978. To be precise, your badge is a restrike from 1992. Regards Lars
  8. Hi Matthias, that Para-Brevet listing should be correct. Mr. Janssen uses the same sources I do. I have the same problem with a grouping of a legionnaire that definately engaged in 1955 but has a brevet numbered 5x.xxx. Unfortunately like in your case, there exists no para-certificate which could give the answer to this. Let me go after that and I will see if I can find out something about your numbered brevet too. But there also should be hint about the brevet number in the answer from the BALE, which the sister could get. Best regards Lars
  9. You can do research through his sister... let her write to: joining a proof that she is the sister (Intern. Birth Certificate) and she´ll get an overview of his records after some weeks... Very nice group indeed. But the number of the brevet and the matricule don´t fit... Schöne Grüße
  10. I was able to get a nice group of photographs belonging to the documents. So I thought you?d like to see a face: This portrait was taken in Saigon 1948. Regards
  11. Hello Veteran, you are absolutely correct. But had those units that didn?t participate in active fighting the right to wear the Liberation bar? I?ll have to dig out some files about that... Regards
  12. ...it was indeed the fact that this german legionnaire must have been recruited during WW2 and must have fought against the Wehrmacht... I haven?t been able to find anything out about this legionnaire but hopefully there might be something to tell... Regards
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