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  1. Hi Norman, Perhaps these will help? Cadet Corps and Cadet Corps Champion Shot medals. Cheers, Gary (pm me for better pics)
  2. Hi Brett, Stunning patch and difficult to come by - I posted the appeal for SAAF Squadron patches - are you able to source any? Please let me know. Regards, Gary (SAMedals)
  3. Hi, Thanks for all your input - this really sorts things out for me (Where did I get 'parachutes' from??) These are in bronze.
  4. Can anyone identify the rank badges in the pic below? Inscription on each "TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO" - There seems to be 3 parachutes in the centre of each badge.
  5. Hi Marco. Try Vanguard Industries - http://www.vanguardmil.com/store/index.php?main_page=index click on Medals and Ribbons. They managed to help me. Regards, Gary
  6. Hi again, Thanks for your help here. I have found someone who is willing to help - Vangard Industries, they sell by the yard - I have placed an order with them and am still waiting for delivery. I'll let you know if they come through. Cheers, Gary
  7. Hi Norman - Not sure if you received my message on the Transkei Flashes topic. Would you be able to find some Pictures of Modern SA Groups for me? Regards, Gary
  8. Hi Norman - As you are aware already I collect / trade in SA medals. One area I lack in is pictures of modern SANDF groups. Are you able to find any in SA? I moved to London from Cape Town in 2001 and find it difficult to get good pictures of modern SA medals here. - If you do find some you can either post them on this site if you wish or I can PM you my email address.
  9. Hi Ulsterman - Apologies for butting in here, but your response makes me think you could help - I am desperatly looking for some lengths (6-8 inches or more if you can) of mini US medal ribbon. If you can help, here is what I need: Air medal, Dist Flying Cross, Republic of Korea medal, Purple Heart, Air Service USA, Defence Meritorius Service, USAF Cross, Navy&Marine Corps Medal & Selected Marine Corps Service. I have tried numerous sites with no joy, so you are pretty much my last hope - I have a Paypal account to pay by. Kind regards, Gary
  10. SAMedals

    Malawi Medals

    Hi Chris, The first 3 medals on this topic were never issued and are un-named. As you have no doubt seen the responses above that the Police one is a MSM, as LS&GC medals do exist. Thanks for your interest Gary
  11. SAMedals

    Malawi Medals

    Hi Norman, Unfortunately no. They are quite rare. Gary.
  12. Anothe one of Idi Amin's medals - Presidents Commendation:-
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