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  1. I've sent an email to Alpera, so maybe some information will be available. Thanks to JapanX for increasing my Lithuanian cultural literacy.
  2. Certainly possible, Paul. Now I'll have to learn Lithuanian to search the web for manufacturers.
  3. It's Lithuanian, but is it a national award, local award, third prize in a cow-milking contest, or what?
  4. I've acquired a nice little Korean Order of Diplomatic Service Merit second class breast star. However, it measures 30mm at its widest point. I'm used to seeing miniature breast stars from Spain, but I've not even seen a reference to one from Korea. Any ideas?
  5. Laurentius, Thanks for the information. That goes along with the rest of the history of this breast star.
  6. Gentlemen, I'd be interested in comments on the illustrated breast star. My expertise with such things is long outdated, although I don't ever recall seeing a maker's mark like this. The star weighs 78.1 grams. This came to me along a tortured path. My investment in it is only some time, so I have no real expectations.
  7. I can't add anything definitive to this discussion, but in researching other Brazilian awards, this one is often connected to the Geographical Society of Brazil.
  8. I missed this on your site initially. In looking more carefully at the piece, I can see where the palms have been removed/fallen off. Many thanks, Jeff Floyd
  9. Many thanks. That is far more information than I had before.
  10. This small breast star came with two other ephemeral order stars, but I have never seen this one before. Any ideas?
  11. Can anyone tell me the significance of the red, rather than blue, surround on this Maria Cristina Order?
  12. He's not on the roll for a federal Mexican Border Service Medal. These medals came out a the US was gearing up to send much of the National Guard to France, so many veterans never heard about them. Ohio had it's own Mexican Border Service Medal, so he may have acquired one of those. They were unnamed and unnumbered.
  13. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    I'd guess that the gilt badge is either for a consul-general or perhaps someone in the diplomatic chain.
  14. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    After some back and forth with the Embassy of Monaco here in the US, the Ambassador has confirmed that this is the badge given to Consuls of Monaco. The Ambassador is herself a past consul and consul-general.
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