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  1. I can't imagine the navy had much, if indeed any, say in the design of their badges. The small swastica surely must be coincidental B
  2. Can anybody tell me what the ribbons on Klink's ribbon bar are? B
  3. Nevermind. http://www.pourlemerite.org/index.html Lists him as "Staatsmann". B
  4. AMAZING! (their singing leaves a lot to be desired though...) B
  5. Can anyone expound on the origins of the swallow's nests? B
  6. Sorry if this may be in the wrong place. Is there anybody out there who may collect the so-called "peace class" version of the PLM? Do such things ever come up? Are there any repros available? Biber
  7. What's that under his chin? Seems more than an RK and PLM b
  8. Weren't Henry Ford and Charles Lindburg given the Eagle order? There's a new (or at least recent) that shows Ford receiving his. I wonder what ever happened to them? I know Anne Morrow Lindburg wasn't very fond od Charles'. B
  9. Note that the mystery medal appears to have the same design as the belt buckle in the picture of his awards that appeared in the earlier post. B
  10. What's the ribbon with the star underneath the ribbon bar in the photo? I don't ever remember seeing stars on German ribbons. B
  11. What you say make infinite sense. It's just so large - nearly 3 inches. Oh well it was a shot B
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