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  1. That’s a good question and one I’ve pondered about Arab orders/medals in general. One partial reason may be that orders are more likely to be awarded to foreigners than medals, and therefore more of them end up In Western countries and more likely to end up on the auction block? Whereas medals in Arab countries generally stay in those countries and perhaps wind up in a local bazaar but otherwise are not as widely available to international collectors. Just a theory.
  2. That is a very nice example of an early Medal of Merit — and also an amusing story of how you came to acquire it! Thanks for sharing, Von Thronstahl!
  3. This photo from an Egyptian magazine shows the North Korean Order of the National Flag, First Class. The award document (in Arabic) indicates it was awarded to Egyptian General Saad el-Din el-Shazly, in accordance with Republican Decree 83 of 11 April 1973, and approved by Kim Il Sung on 12 April 1973.
  4. Fantastic photos, thanks as always Owain! Haftar served in the Libyan contingent fighting alongside Egypt in the 1973 war, so it's possible a few of the ribbons relate to that conflict. That last uniform is quite something, partly Russian or North Korean influence, partly President Sadat of Egypt's...?
  5. Thanks for posting! Ironic, given the LNA's recent setbacks.... Have we seen the rival GNA issue its own awards? Or either side continue awarding any Qaddafi-era awards?
  6. Martin, This shoulder slide is for a Syrian Air Force general (four star general). I think that most recent commanders of the Syrian Air Force have been major generals (two star), so this may be a reproduction or sample of a hypothetical rank slide, rather than being linked to a specific individual. Best, Chris
  7. Besides the UK 4th Infantry Division insignia, which Peter correctly identified, the black/red triangle patch is the insignia of the UK 3rd Infantry Division, whilst the bottom "AF" patch is that of the Allied Force Headquarters in the North Africa invasion 1942/1943. I'd suggest you post these queries in a more relevant discussion forum than the Police Forces of the World.
  8. UKR, Top photo: 1945-1984 In memory of the 39th [anniversary] of the establishment of the Syrian Arab Army Bottom photo: Martyrdom or victory
  9. Thanks for posting, MConrad! There are some nice uniform details in this photo -- this Egyptian policeman is wearing the white cotton summer uniform (worn from April-September, approximately). Besides the cuff marking (which I think denotes a traffic policeman, but am not certain), note the white fez-cover, individual serial number on the collar, corporal's stripes on the right sleeve, and the sloppily-fastened belt.
  10. My copy arrived yesterday, and it's very impressive. 350 pages, hard cover, with color photographs and drawings. As Owain said, it's entirely in Arabic, but the names of the medals are also given in English which is a big help for quick identification. The coverage is impressively thorough: Historical overview, glossary, and nice extras such as the medals awarded by the French Mandate, the UAR period (which includes many Egyptian medals), Russian and UN medals related to Syria, unit insignia of the French Mandate period, some photos of award certificates, and indexes and bibliography.
  11. Correct email for the author: adnan.djaroueh@gmail.com Paul, would very much love to know your thoughts (and/or some pictures) whenever you have the chance! Many thanks!
  12. Apologies, the email address is incorrect. I will attempt to follow up. Chris
  13. Clyde Tinklepaugh posted this on OMSA.org a few days ago, and I hope he doesn't mind my reposting it here. (I don't have any additional details on this book yet, but if anyone else does please share!) An encyclopedia of Syrian medals has been released by OMSA member Adnan Georges Jaroua. This is a massive hard cover book, 9.5″ x 13″ and weighs 5.5 pounds. All illustrations are in color. In the encyclopedia there are: 241 orders, medals, decorations and insignia, arranged with their information and pictures, divided according to the countries participating with Syria in th
  14. Vince, I can't help you with the one on the left but the one on the right has the flag of Suriname (in South America), and says (in Dutch), "Courage, Conduct, Faith" Best, Chris
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