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  1. After a lot of pressure from politicians the german department of defense now thinks about a medal too. So far their idea to reward soldiers helping during the pandemic were certificates and free concerts (no comment about this). https://www.stimme.de/deutschland-welt/politik/dw/mehr-anerkennung-fuer-soldaten-im-corona-einsatz-gefordert;art295,4518496
  2. I am on active duty the second time this year to support the Bundeswehr Corona Task Force. I wonder if we will really get a medal for that.
  3. Germany discussing the creation of an Operations Medal (Einsatzmedaille) for Corona. https://www.bundeswehr-journal.de/2021/im-gespraech-einsatzmedaille-fuer-corona-helfer/
  4. I love the quality too, compared to so many modern awards which look like being made from a tuna can. Here is the institution document: https://kam.lt/download/25552/medalis oro policijai.pdf
  5. This one must be very new and seems to be instutited as a common medal from all three baltic states Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as recognition for all NATO forces taking part in the baltic air policing. In my opinion the most beautiful campaign medal for years. http://www.raf.mod.uk/raflossiemouth/newsweather/index.cfm?storyid=10A5273D-5056-A318-A85B6A91411E86B7
  6. If you look closely, you can see them. Also the metal insignia for a HF.
  7. Cool, I always drive 20 km/h and drive everyone crazy as I do with my awards.
  8. I obey 99,5 % of those regulations Hey, do you always drive exactly 50 km/h inside villiages? For sure not
  9. I am pretty sure our army has other problems than anyone wearing a piece of ribbon or metal the wrong way...
  10. Thank you ÖSTA. I am not really a fan of our well known ZDV 37/10 which made soldiers to look more like government officials ("Beamten") instead of soldiers for decades. I hope this does not make me a bad soldier
  11. I am pretty sure the guy in the middle is "real". Of course he is wearing his awards not according to ZDV 37/10 (german field manual), but I, personally, do not care as long as he was awarded all of this stuff. I know or see many german soldiers who do not wear their awards at all which is a "no go" in my opinion. Its a question of honor; if someone honors you with an award, you should honor him too by wearing it!
  12. Hi, I have worn it like this. The result was, that I motivated other people to do more sports to qualifiy for the Police Achievement Badge and the German Sports Badge as well. However, the old version of the bronze DSB badge will be reaplaced soon with the DOSB in Gold/Platinum with number "5". And btw. the Japanese Red Cross Silver Medal (the one after the NATO medal) is an official award.
  13. Its very uncommon to wear miniature medals in the Bundeswehr and if, then they are worn on the "Gesellschaftsanzug" (some kind of mess dress uniform) and only a few soldiers own such a uniform. Its very expensive and the occasions to wear it are usually extremely rare. I have one for example but only because I got it very cheap from a friend who did not need it anymore and we had the same size.
  14. Last week I received one of those medals (for my collection). Did anyone realise that they have a typo in the english text? It reads: ... AND LET NOTHLNG BE FORGOTTEN
  15. One of very very few modern german awards which is still made with real enamel and in a great quality.
  16. JensF.


    Remembrance in Vladslo/Belgium 2014.
  17. JensF.


    British WW1 cemetary Tyne Cot in Flanders (Belgium) at sunset. The silouette of Ypres with the legendary cloth hall can be seen on the horizon.
  18. JensF.


    Middle Rhine Valley, Germany: The castles Liebenstein and Sterrenberg, called "The hostile brothers". A legend says, that those castles were owned by two brothers who fought against each other.
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