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  1. Hello,

    My thanks again for the help in idenfying my previous medal, i have this cross which i am about to trade with a friend for war medals which is what i collect however i have no idea as to it's value i would be grateful for your help please.The star is hallmarked at the rear b'ham 1936 and made by kenning.

    Regards David


  2. Hi David

    I'm pretty sure it's not Masonic, but more connected (in every sense) with the wearing of a pocketwatch. The item you show is a seal, used for verifying the integrity of a wax seal on documents, being impressed into same when wax was still soft. Usually they had a design carved into them, a monogram or crest, or even a Masonic design, but it's not part of Masonic regalia. Hope that helps,



    My thanks indeed as i had no idea what it was, i have attached a picture of the other medals that came with the seal.

    David (H)


  3. Hello David,

    I think you'll need a researcher to go to Kew unless someone here has one of the Services Rendered books which happens to have your badge numbers in them. I actually have 3 volumes but they're at my mum's in the UK and I won't get to see them till July.

    I did once use someone on ebay, it cost 4.99 GBP which I found to be very good value.

    I'm assuming they're British issue. Those to Kiwis can't be researched at the moment, Australian issues can but I'm not sure about the other Commonwealth countries.

    If you've had no luck by the beginning of July drop me a line and I'll check the books.


    Tony Good Morning,

    Thank you very much for your reply much appreciated,they are both british chaps and i will wait for your return and contact you again if thats ok, again my thanks.

    David (H)

  4. Hi David

    With regards to the pin I have had several replaced at jewellers for around £6.

    In fact, the jewellers over the road from Dixons in Bridlington will do it....


    Hello Dan,

    Thank you for your reply,i am a bit of a purist and i only have things repaired with original items if possible my thanks again.


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