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  1. Dave, done. I believe it will take some time before Amazon process and post in on the web site..
  2. I got my book today... It is an AMAZING BOOK!!! I knew it was good but it exceeded my expectations by 200%... Amazing photos, great stories... Absolute must-have (and read) book! Dave, thank you very much for all your hard work! I can't imagine how you managed to do it by yourself but it's a brilliant book. Alex
  3. ​Thank you! It's a great option. Sounds like a wonderfully unique book! I can't wait to read it...
  4. The group of sappers got into the rear of front-line, blew up the german tank and returned without losses.
  5. It's not the 2nd Ukrainian Army, it's the 2nd Shock Army Regards, Alex
  6. Interesting: Order of the Red Star for long service in the Red Army by Decree of the Presidium of 3 November 1944 and just a few months later - Order of the Red Banner - again for long service in the Red Army.
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