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  1. thanks for your help regards, hughes
  2. Hello I have this medal which it's numbered " 249149 " is it possible to identify the owner thanks for your help hughes
  3. Hi, can I have your opinions about this one is it ww2 area thanks, hughes
  4. Hi what's the meaning of the coulor behind the ONU's insignia regards
  5. Hi what do you think of the insignia regards pegase001
  6. hi also some soldiers of the fusiliers's battalions, having been served with the us army, received the bronze star. the name of these soldiers is included in historical book the ?of the Belgian battalions of fusiliers of plan SHAEF 1944-1945? by Henry de Pinchart. for example : the adjudant of first class - F/16 class - 0296 - R Dupont, for the courage of which it made proof during the german's campaign, particularly in Remagen on March 15, 1945, is titular of the bronze star (Belgian monitor of the 26 at December 28, 1947) - he was in the 16? fusilers's battalions pegase001
  7. Hi on ebay.be, perhaps for you http://cgi.befr.ebay.be/Epee-de-Templier-M...1QQcmdZViewItem pegase001
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