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  1. All, Can anyone confirm and provide award dates for Grand Cross MFKO to the following: Karl von Baden (1832-1906) Wilhelm von Baden (1829-1897) Max von Baden (1796-1882) Wilhelm von Baden (1792-1859) Francois-Joseph Lefebvre Duc d'Danzig Nicholas I Tsar of Russia Thanks, John
  2. All, I was wondering if someone in the military received this order, did they receive the military division of it? More specifically, if it was received for war service, either gallantry or in the case of military leaders, outstanding leadership in war, instead of for length of service in peacetime. This would also include non-Belgians. John
  3. John5813

    Karel Hora

    All, Does anyone know what type of citations Karel Hora received for his Croix de Guerre. In Geoffrey Bogga's La Legion!, it states that he received 7 or his CdG TOE, 5 for his CdG 39-45 and 2 for his CV. Just curious if these were palms or stars? John
  4. All Does anyone know if either of these men received any other awards? Jozef Pialucha Polish Air Force James J Reardon USAAF John
  5. Is there a list of recipients out there? I've seen a breakdown by nationality, but not much else. John
  6. All, I saw a couple of illustrations in the Geschichte des Grossherzoglich Badisch Leib-Grenadier Regiments 1803-1871 on Google books and am interested in their career highlights, Awards, etc. They are: GL Stockhorn von Starein this was hard to read in the books script, it ould be wrong GL Eugen von Freydorff Thans in advance. John
  7. All, Here are some more, maybe they're in Priesdorff: GFM Blucher GFM von Moltke Friedrich Karl of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (FIII) von Podbielski von Hartmann, Ernst von Stupnagel, Wolf Roon, Albrecht Kirchbach, Hugo von Werder, August von Kamecke, Georg von Blumenthal, Leonhard von Wurttemburg, August von Alvensleben, Gustav von Goeben, August Karl Prince of Prussia ( WI's brother) Albert KP of Saxony (Albert I) Georg, Prince of Saxony ( Georg I) von Fabrice, Georg Thanks in advance. John
  8. Saschaw, Thanks for the info. I have a few more Frenchman and one other.. I think I know the years just not specific dates, got them online from a copy of a Alamanch in French. Hureau de Senarmout, Alexandre Antoine Comte de Lariboisiere, Jean Baston Duc d'Danzig, Francois Joseph Lefebvre and von Thile, Adolf Eduard Looking over the past posts I was wondering which Baden princes, with the exception of those already mentioned, receieved the BV1 or BV2? Thanks again, John
  9. Saschaw' In addition to D'Auvray, could you please check if Count Molitor, Gabriel Jean Joseph, Marshalof France also received the BV. John
  10. Saschaw, Thanks for the reply. Dovre might be found as Graf D'Auvray or something like that. He was in Russian service during the Napoleonic Wars. Hope you are able to find him. John
  11. All, I hope someone can help. I am looking for award dates for the WMV to the following: Alexander I Tsar of Russia Nicholas Nicholaivitch Grand Duke of Russia Alexander Prince of Wurttemburg Eugen Prince of Wurttemburg Paskevitch, Ivan Radetzky, Josef Johann Volkonsky (Wolkonsky), Petr Shuvalov, Pavel von Toll, Karl Wilhelm Thans in advance. John
  12. All, Here are a few more. Hope someone can help. Yermolov, Aleksei Petrovich Volkonsky (Wolkonski), Petr Dovre, Fydor F All were Russian from the Napoleonic era. John
  13. All, Could someone provide the award dates of the St.Heinrich's Gold Medal to the following? Friedrich Baumann Friedrich Haugk Georg Delling The time period would be 1848-1875. Thanks in advance. John
  14. Saschaw, Thank you again for the award dates. Unfortunate that the book does not list by grade. Here are a few more that I am interested in. I'm not sure if they received the BV1 or not. KARL Friedrich Gustav Wilhelm Maximillian von Baden Gustav Friedrich von Beyer Johann Baptist Lingg von Linggenfeld Heinrich von Porbeck Ludwig WILHELM August von Baden Friedrich Karl von Tettenborn Thanks again. John
  15. All, Looking past threads I found reference to 4 awards to Russians in the period 1902-1904. Does anyone happen to have any further info concerning these awards? John
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