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  1. Hello, i have three different types in my collection. They are very attractive. James
  2. Intersting finds for my Belgian collection. US Bronze Stars awarded to Belgians for WWII service.
  3. My immediate records indicate that the earlier award was 1880-1940. I will get into the books and see if I can give you a better answer.
  4. I just found this in my collection and wanted to share. Bronze 3.50 cm
  5. I just found this one today in my collection and wanted to share.
  6. How about a ceramic plate to commemorate the cross?
  7. What ever the Vet had at the time. That is why I kept this sample. Something different.
  8. I have a cross in my collection that is missing the back center. The front was glued back on the cross at one time. I keep it for the stars on the ribbon front. Notice the bronze ring in the center. Interesting.
  9. No, but I have one that does too. It is just the way it was constructed. Some come lose in the center.
  10. Thierry, I am on travel. When I return home in two days, I can post pictures. Regards. James
  11. There are two levels of this medal 1st & 2nd Class. Silver and Gold. I have several samples of the medal. Single red stripe on white ribbon (older style) two red stripes on white ribbon (newer style)
  12. It may be easier to find one already attached to the medal (ribbon)
  13. I can not answer that question but it is not a real rare medal. I have all the types and I have seen them in medal groups. I just saw about 10 of them while visiting Belgium last week.
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