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  1. To Brian and Nightbreak I truly appreciate both of your's knowledge and experience in this matter of collecting. I look forward to learning as I go and hope to call upon your experiences. Mark PS I am waiting on my next arrival with more to come.
  2. Follow Up: Any thoughts or concerns that this could be a Pakistani copy? Ways to tell? Mark
  3. Brian I thank you very much and for correcting me as I thought it was a George IV. Beginners luck! Mark
  4. Greetings, I hope this is the right place to post as it has been many moons since I have posted here. As the title states this is my first ever tipstave/truncheon and I would like honest opinions or thoughts from the Forum as to if it is a real mccoy? Some background is that it was purchased online (paid very little) but not before asking about some provenance. The seller stated that they had purchased it from an estate sale (New England area) because they thought it was interesting. The length is approximately 13 and 1/2 inches in length and there appears to be age to the painted areas (
  5. Ben and Rob, Im a few years late on responding but I wanted to thank you for providing your thoughts and comments. Mark
  6. Caz, I dont know why I dont receive notifications of responses but I apologize and thank you for the assistance. I am open for suggestions and directions as I have no experience in researching Russian awards/documents. Cheers, Mark
  7. Guys, My apologies for not responding sooner but I didnt not receive any notification that anyone even posted a comment. I thank you for the feedback and I to thought the photos were of all the same person. I do think there are some simularities. Next question is: How easy is it to obtain the service records for Konstantinovich? Cost if they survive? Thanks Mark
  8. Hello and thanks for looking at my posting. I am writing to see if the members of the Forum might be able to identify the following group that was all found together in a small box. I know the two medals are Victory over Germany and Combat Service. My question is: What is everything else and does it all belong together? Thanks so much Mark
  9. TacHel and Paul Thanks for the compliments. Paul, thanks for the vote of confidence on it being original. I, like you, have not heard of them being faked like their counterparts. I know that it was very difficult to even identify the wings with there being so little information out there. Kind Regards Mark
  10. This is outside my theme of collecting but couldn't pass it up. At the time I wasn't sure which country this represented but have since determined that it is Latvian. Anyone have any thoughts as to time frame and/or authenticity? They are approximately 2 and 1/4 inches across. Thanks for looking!
  11. The following are photos of some of the insignia that I aquired some time ago and know nothing about. None the less they have a "neat factor"
  12. Nice posts guys. Keep up the posts.
  13. Just bumping this topic back up top to see what members collect or are interested in such. Mark
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