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  1. This is futile. I thought this place had potential. Enjoy your continuation of the same boring threads. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz summarizes them. I'm too old for this crap.
  2. Actually Nick, it is true. Not sure why the rude smileys and mocking of people. We have yet to see your collection. I fully realise that you are busy posting thread after thread of the same eastern Ebay type awards which no one can afford and of course, the research that next to no one can understand because it isn't translated. :lol:
  3. ps Regarding collecting for investing, order wise, Nevskys, RBs and the higher awards. This is what the investors are snapping up and will have dynamite returns in the future. I've been told this by friends in Russia and Ukraine many times. I have RBs but none of the others given the costs plus I don't collect for investment purposes. Thinking your wartime RSs will be worth thousands and thousands in the near future-good luck unless a night witch or a super write up.
  4. Ericsky, I don't offer refunds when I sell either. My items are authentic so why the need to offer a return policy. You do have an option though. If it is being sold as original or authentic and you buy it, right after it arrives, post the pics. If thumbs down and fake, you can complain to Ebay and would win. But you have to do it within a month to make your complaint. It is a pain in the butt though. The best in such circumstances is to bypass the item all together-much less a pain in the butt. Interesting discussion before. "Rare" is dependent on who sees it as rare and wants it.
  5. Oops, Iustus sum populo auxilium quaerit. Probus sum..............................et tu Brutus. Soviet arbitria ubi sunt????????????
  6. Better to save money than to get burnt. There are many who have gotten stung with fake partisan medals. Yes, I am VERY fortunate to have access to many ultra experts in Soviet awards. Two renowned ones in North America and many in Russia/Ukraine and then there's..............................................Marshall Aukeov. These people have not only helped me but many of us and I salute them to the nth degree for their expertise and help.
  7. The details were very good but not good enough. Even with scans it was hard for even the best experts to give a 100%. They physically have to see it. So I sent one to an ultra expert and he said a well done fake. : (
  8. Don't feel bad, I've been there and done it many times over the years regarding purchases. Some very good advice to all is to avoid partisan medals. Run to the hills away from them. Some fakes look so real that even posting them to experts isn't good enough. Years ago I was stung 2 times on these. : (
  9. Igor, my pleasure! All clients should be like you and Terrible Tommy. I need to clone you two.lol
  10. Hi Rick, given your experience, mind me asking what you think of current market prices? Certainly, much better than a few years ago?
  11. Btw, for all you Vietnam related Soviet wantabee RS owners like me, Nick posted the "magic" numbers to shoot for,ie., 3568XXX
  12. Nice one Paul. A long history behind the man behind the award.
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