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  1. No, it is not a very normal pin. We don't see them too often. But on the other side, there is not that many people who collect them.
  2. I would also like to know this, as I am researching a Norwegian miniature group, and am not sure if the guy was knight or officer, and of the 1918 or 1944 variant.
  3. It is the king's medal of merit, in silver. In Norway, where they are mostly found, this silver version sells for about EUR 40-60. Abroad the price is often higher, but not in any way realistic. I've seen too many fantasy prices on Norwegian ODM at ebay and dealers lately.
  4. I doubt it. Then the device on the ribbon should have been in gold colour, and not silver. And Chief Commander is very rarely awarded, and even more so to persons not being head of states or governments.
  5. Am I right assuming it is rather rare to be awarded the commander degree of Legion of Merit twice? Here is a picture of admiral Haakon Bruun-Hansen, former chief of the Norwegian armed forces, being awarded the US Legion of Merit, commander. Among his ribbons, we can already see the is sporting the ribbon for said award and degree. A later picture, showing a gilt star on the LoM ribbon, with commander device. An even later picture still of his ribbons, clearly showing the gilt star.
  6. Yes, it is a Norwegian national service medal for service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. The military conscript in Norway is 19 months, and about 10-11 months are served continuously, normally around the age of 19 or so. This is called "the first time service" and all the medals shown here are awarded upon completing the "first time service". Red ribbon for army, dark blue for navy, light blue for air force and green for home guard. In 2012 or so, all these medals got a new design. The air force medal with a wreath on the obverse is the pre-2012 version, and the one with only the falcon and crown on the obverse, is the post-2012 version.
  7. That is a very nice collection of Scandiavian ODMs
  8. I really hope the site comes back online. It was without doubt the absolute best site for the 3500+ Swedish medals that do exist.
  9. That would be the diploma that came with the Defence Medal 1940 – 1945 (Norwegian: Deltagermedaljen/Deltakarmedaljen). In French also known as the Narvik medal, because it was awarded to the members of The French Foreign Legion who fought at the battle of Narvik in 1940. The diploma says "[name] has during the campaign in Norway 1940 participated in the defence of the fatherland from [date] to [date]. Norway thanks you for your service in the struggle for freedom." Signed by king Haakon VII.
  10. I have seen both the one with dotted surface in the red enamel, like the one right above here and the one from Morton, and one with more like a sun ray pattern in the red enamel. The ones with dotted surfaces are way more common, if common even is a word fitting this red medal, than the one with sun ray. Notice hat the dark blue one also has the dotted surface. A friend of mine is selling a red Oscar with dotted surface. Feel free to send me a PM if it is of interest.
  11. You have the version which has been awarded since 1946 and still is awarded. But they are all awarded with name and year ingraved. Not sure why your's hasn't.
  12. Nice collection Was it possible to be awarded the Lappland Cross but not the Winter War medal?
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