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  1. Really nice. The late Skanderbeg diploma is not so common...
  2. That's cool guys, we are in an international forum, in a public subject...
  3. Gentlemen, can we consider this combination of a 1st class and a necklet cross as a grand cross class? PS: I'm looking for romanian diplomas for ODM...
  4. Hello gentlemen, does anyone of you have in its possession Wojciech Stella's summ about polish orders? This book is of the greatest help, although it show complexity - not to say havoc- of fabric variations of polish ODM...
  5. I know this group. Indeed the asked price is saddly not friendly.
  6. Hello Bob, this group is really interesting, but.... why do the late orders do not have their s/n written in the order booklet? A double clerk failure would be really astounding?
  7. Seems an impressive grouping! Could you please show to us the diplomas?
  8. Hello, in such a pedagogical place, it is always usefull to explain WHY... So the parade jackets weren't produced within Albania?
  9. Hello gentlemen, I can' t see any pictures?
  10. Really nice catch.It is a scarce and expensive award. They discarded the couple big diploma/small certificate in the 80ies?
  11. Thank you for this big examination of czesch badges! I believe they deserve a catalogue book, but does such a book exist??? (Something comparable to Krubl's work)
  12. Thank you very much! Do you believe it is made of silver?
  13. Hello, really nice set! The Spain war medal is extremly rare...
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