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  1. My JNA AirForce Pilot watch: Some more pictures for future reference....
  2. ​ Dear Draza, welcome in this forum, please concentrate to the positive things that this forum can offer, nobody deserves to be attacked, even if he present his own opinion for a badge or an item. This is not the way we behave among members here, I am staying with the hope you start your membership to learn and contribute here in the near future, this is after all the Gentlemen's Military forum and hope it will stay like this as the name states. All the best for you and hope we will see you here more often, discussing other items this time
  3. This seller from Sweden has sold in the past also copies from other countries, we keep the name maro.eli as one to avoid for serious purchases. Medal is on purpose "dusty" to confuse the buyers and hide the fine details that cannot be hidden when it comes to a copy-strike. Bubbles present, bad finish on the ring.
  4. Greetings, they are Official, just they are not Military Orders but Royal Orders. As Paja said, these are the Gold, Silver and Bronze grade of Queen's Frederica National Institute. PS: I like the Pin, relative rare All well with those, with original ribbons, a fair price for all except the badge is some 150 Euros.
  5. These some very fine pieces Vladane, congrats. Can you share with us the number of the Serbian Ravna Gora Chetnik Alu badge?
  6. Hi, I will not discuss the level of the price for this certain piece, I am and always was fair with the market, frankly ,I really do not know his objective value. For such a piece,I believe someone will pay how much he wishes to have and posses such a rare badge.Up to the buyer. About the first ,initial pictures on Ebay, I think, and most of the members will agree here, were really crapy, badge didn't looked solid gold, enamel looks very very bad in all his colors ( Red,white,especially the blue enamel with as we say, pores...). Now why someone uploads such very bad pictures to sell such a badge, is beyond my logic, but let it be, if it is an indentical from the one we see on page one and not the same, only the sellers know to verify us for it. What I am saying with certainty is that, despite the fact that I never have indeed one in my hands, and I cannot judge from some pictures and ONLY such a badge, I am just saying, why on earth they made a badge that even the common, well wide spread around, and awarded to Paratroopers, Officers, NCO's and Soldiers in Nis,the Silver version for Paratroopes and Instructors, have better enamel in all 3 colors than this one under the pictures we saw on Ebay? And from those,I have see many of them and personally know many Paratroopers of the 63rd Brigade....
  7. Cheers drugo, I saw the first topic, my comment was actually an Irony, an emotional expression used in my country from some 2.500 years ago. And actually my point is that from a very good original piece, someone made over there a copy, and this is not the only copy as you can see from the net all around. What is happening and what I am saying is that it's a shame, these collectibles to end up like German WWII badges and orders that are so heavy copied, that push away the collectors all around the world. Do you know how many collectors have gone away due this fact? "There are too many copies, I give up, I Cannot follow anymore" ,how many times I listen to it and read it in forums,I am more than sure you will agree in this. In that order,would be really shame the Yugoslavian orders of Socialist period end up like this in the same way, because of some greedy people and ruthless traders. Then the collectible community will say that all are piece of junk and worthless for collectors due heavy copy, and I am sure, this is the last you wish to see for these nice collectible pieces of your country ( Ex or not). I use Irony for them, so don't kick it back to me please
  8. Very nice acquision, I like the trapezoid style of the Medal Bar. Do you know by chance the Prussian EK2 maker?
  9. They didn't "bake" the blue and white enamel well enough, they should try better next time I doubt even that this is solid 18K Gold, I am almost certain that will fail the "Golden jewelry probe" if tested. From Singapore -----> Selling one of the rarest Para trooper badges in Yu------> Give me a brake, but a BIG one
  10. By different makers, I mean also and different design for the Orders, so there are differences visually.... Makers for this Order are: Zimmerman, Souval, Huguenin, Spink, Webb, Kelaidis and some other minor Greek Jewelry makers. Orders from English makers that you ask, like Spink and Webb, was making this Order for the WWII period and some years after, where from there, Greek makers took the majority of the orders.
  11. Different makers, different periods. Here is part of my collection With Order of King George III class and Knight Cross in Gold and Silver.
  12. Hi Andrej, Looks like Russian Empire era, Church badge or something, I am not into Russian Empire items, but the eagle is that. It's cast indeed, someone of our Russian friends or Dragomir that collects Orthodox Church items, might better enlight us.
  13. One is original Paja, the other is a COPY, I am sure even Barry Turk doesn't know it.
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