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  1. Brett, Thanks for the shout on the Benutrzer. There are two gents one UK based, theother USA based who are selling reproduction Benutzers. Prices ?120 UK and ?157 for USA products. All in all expensive for a reproduction. Having said that a period replacement will sting at about ?200 , which is insane but that is what is being asked for them . Thanks again Brett. james S.
  2. Gunther - some nice stuff there , UZO and a fat girl ! The UZO - looks great - I have examples of the oter sets you have - apart from the leitz - I sold two of them over the past few years and now wish I had kept one. The two 7x50 Ubglas look to be in good order , Hans Seeger - a very good man thanks for the look Gunther
  3. I missed a BBC documentery on the loss of the Ark Royal and her wreck as it is today , it was shown in February. You can guess what will never be "repeated".
  4. Humber - thank you for identifying the ship - much appreciated. Great stuff !!
  5. Mike, Thank you for the info on the ship. I had no idea about the colouring to denote a militray ship , none at all. My father had no connections with Korea so i am inclined to think this must be a WW2 photograph . Thanks again for you reply, much appreciated.
  6. A long shot - would anyone have any id on this hospital ship and the location ? I found it in an old wallet belonging to my father , no date or note on the reverse. name of the ship can almost be made out , Manca or manco ?? I cannot be 100% certain. Unfortunately I have no background information on the photograph. If anyone is intersted I can send a higher resolution jpeg to them. Mail me to james@cameron8888.fsnet.co.uk. Thanks to all in advance. james S
  7. Missed this on an earlier read. It was Prince of Wales who correctly identified Bis,arck for what she was. Prinz Eugen was in the lead and Holland in Hood mistakenly took her for Bismarck. Apparrently there existed a standing order withinth the kreigsmarine which forbade a cruiser entering action against a larger enemy vessel- this quickly went out the window when Hood openned fire.
  8. Churchill said of POW that it was great to have something which could "catch and kill anything" ( Quote may not be exact. Good book on the subject is "Battleship" by Martin Middlebrook.
  9. The items removed from Jimmy's body along with the photographic negaives were destroyed in an air raid the next year. Vlieland West night firing. [attachmentid=19283]
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