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  1. Hi David, can you contact me directly on my e-mail gbell.orchardcottage@btinternet.com and possibly we can arrange a phone conversation about yourYeomanry reasearch and mine Graham
  2. Hi David, I have sent e-mail thanks to you for filling in another part of the jigsaw. Also your blog is full of interesting information that will be very useful to other researchers Graham
  3. Hi Mike, Thank you for info I have looked around the internet for the mentioned book and there are quite a few available, but unless it has specific info regarding the 3rd contingent 35th Battalion 157th Coy I cannot justify the typical cost of £20 + postage (Some are even requesting over £200!!). If you have time could you check your copy to see if it does cover the 35th? and then I might buy a copy.
  4. Hello once again, I am slowly getting to grips with Thomas Clare and what he was involved in. during his Military Service 1 Going back to his service with the Imperial Yeomanry as Trooper 40901 in the 35th Battalion 157th Coy despite all research + Information from Kevin Aspinal, I still cannot find what involvement / where he actually served during his period in South Africa. 2 His service with the Cheshire Yeomanry as Private 1332 began some time after war declaration 4th Aug 1914 What we do know from a fascinating book written in 1971 by Lt.Col Sir Richard Verdin --- The (Earl of Cheshire's ) Cheshire Yeomanry--The Last British regiment to fight on horses--- is that the Cheshire Yeomanry spent its time up till 1915 as a mounted unit which subsequently became a dismounted infantry unit on training and home defense. On the 3rd March 1916 he and the other troops were in Devonport aboard HMT Haverford bound for Egypt. They disembarked in Alexandria 15th March as part of troops to guard the Suez canal areas. According to the regimental nominal roll on 16th March 1916 he was part of Regimental HQ attached to B Squadron No 2 Troop. From the book we know that the regiment were involved in various battles and skirmishes in Egypt and Palestine.1916 to 1917 3 The story is taken up in a booklet I bought during a visit to the KSLI museum in Oct 2014 The booklet adapted from The History of the KSLI in the Great War 1914-1918 by Major W. deB. Wood (1925) The Cheshire Yeomanry amalgamated with the Shropshire Yeomanry on the 2nd March 1917 to become the 10th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light infantry He was given yet another service number Private 230845 and served in Palestine until 30th April 1918 The Battalion was part of the 74th Division moved to Alexandria and boarded HMT Omrah to sail for Marseilles, France arriving on 7th May 1918 From here the 74th Division inc the 10th Battalion KSLI was deployed into the Western Front involved in several battles until the signing of the Armistice in Nov 1918 They returned to the UK 21st June 1919 and Thomas was demobbed in July 1919 to return home to carry on working for the ICI until his death in June 1945 As many will know the Cheshire Yeomanry, were once again a mounted regiment in March 1920 and remained so until Feb 1942 when they gave up their horses in Egypt for the last time to become a mechanized Signals Regiment. and a whole new chapter.......... thanks to all subscribers for hints and leads that have helped in piecing the story together.
  5. Hi its a long time since I did original post about Thomas Clare Further info is as follows.... In 1914 he signed up for the Cheshire Yeomanry -Trooper 1332 Trained and Stationed in UK Sent out to Egypt and Palestine until 1917 when the Yeomanry were disbanded and joined up with Shropshires Kings Shropshire Light Infantry --Private 230845 and sent to France in 1918 He survived the war and was demobbed in 1919 to return home to work at ICI Weston Point, Runcorn until he died in 1945 If anyone can give further 'meat to the bones' of his regimental service It would be much appreciated
  6. Update so far Thanks to Kevin Asplin, I have received the following information which he found from the National Archives Thomas Clare was aged 20 years 8 months when he signed up with the 157th Company 35th Battalion I.Y.on the 14th Jan 1902 (Chester) He spent 132 days training in UK from 14/01/1902 till 25/05/02 He was posted for 167 days to S Africa 26/05/1902 till 08/11/1902 10/10/1902 he was in Durban awaiting Embarkation onto HMT Orient He arrived back to UK 09/11/1902 and was discharged (Aldershot) on the 15/11/1902 a total service of 306 days From Kevins' Shipping Lists for1902, I found the following information which ties in with the above:- Outward journey 27/05/1902 The Sicilia embarked the 35th and 36th Bns I Y and sailed from Southampton with approx 1000 men Return journey 15/10/1902 the Orient left for UK with amongst list 106 men of the 35th Bn I.Y. 06/11/1902 the Orient arrived Queenstown due to sail 07/11/1902 for Southampton 10/11/1902 Arrived Southampton Other groups returning on later ships 05/11/1902 the Arundel Castle sailed for UK with amongst list officers and 134 men of 35Bn I.Y. 27/11/1902 theArundel Castle arrived Southampton 13/12/1902 the Orotava sailed for UK with amongst list officers and 120 men of 35Bn I.Y. As list did not go much beyond this date I have assumed she arrived home circa 02/01/1903 We are still working to a get more info Thanks Graham
  7. Thanks Graham, there are some old photos, that in the next week I will be able to scan and upload.
  8. Hi Graham thank you for link- it is information I dont have but his son Alan Clare may have come across it in his research into his fathers death. I will pass it on. Just for my interest, where did you find Alan Clare senior, information?
  9. My wife's grandfather Thomas Clare, born in Runcorn Cheshire 18/05/1881, died in Runcorn 08/05/1945. At the age of 19/20 (1901) he signed up for the Imperial Yeomanry 157th Coy 35thBn Field Force South Africa, as trooper 40901 Thomas Clare. We are led to believe that they were training in UK for a long period prior to being sent out as part of the 3rd contingent, who arrived just after the Boer War armistice was signed. This meant no campaign medals were given as we understand the situation. Does anyone have any knowledge of where and what this Battalion may have been doing in S.Africa? We believe that Thomas later went to Egypt and Palestine with Gen Alenby, and again we have no knowledge as to whether he changed units/army number or whether he was awarded/entitled to any medals for this campaign At the end of conflict he returned home to work at the ICI plant in Weston Point, Cheshire- he had never discussed with his family his time in the military. He died in 1945 whilst his son Dennis (now 83) was on active duty in the Navy in the Far East and other son Alan was serving with the RAF, so that they did not have an opportunity to find anything out his history. ( Alan died c1955 whilst serving with RAF on Cold War Soviet Naval observations when his plane went mysteriously missing) . Any information is welcomed.
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