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  1. The 25th Battalion (Frontiersmen) Royal Fusiliers was a British unit made up entirely of Frontiersmen, saw action as a unit in East Africa in 1916 Photo of the 210th cap badge
  2. Way back about WW1 era the Legion had representatives in very part of the world, and as time went on these people migrated or died off and so things got drastically smaller. It is thought that as there was a large group of NZer at Gallipoli in 1915, so much so that they were said to have held meetings under the guns, to the curiosity of the Turks. New Zealand put some 8500 soldiers into the Gallipoli campaign. So far I have found, and am still adding to, the 500 Legion members in my rolls that served there in those eight months of 1915. In fact one of those in the battlefield was t
  3. That one's design is that used in the UK since pre WWII, as I understand it the early ones were gilt and had a tiny ring suspension. This one looks bronze and has a slightly larger ring, making it after WWII. I have never heard of any of this design being named. The ribbon is as below This example is of a bronze strike from the mid 1990's
  4. I am hoping to fairly soon put together a self published book regarding the medals of the Legion to try and give people a way of identifying these
  5. Current shoulder title Old New Zealand 'Fern' collar badge. Beware of this as there are good copies about the market Canadian member badge & Associate member badge New Zealand members badge New Zealand Woman's Auxiliary Legion of Frontiersmen large domed badge from WWII. Rarely seen today as there were very few manufactured and only three have been found in today's era
  6. An early set of buttons, no longer used Early, probably 1920sish Imperial Frontiersman button Another large early button in gilt Disused Imperial button with matching shoulder title of the era
  7. Another early cap badge Still to be identified Still to be identified
  8. Thank you for the image of the badges. Over the years there have been many badges designed for the legion and which I will soonest try and upload some images of as many as I can locate. I have several in my collection. The badge set shown is quite an old set, not sure of the inclusive years but they are brass and probably pre WW2ish, some time later they started making sets in guilt, and then later again up until the present the badges, identical in design being made in Staybrite. This design is still the same as those we wear here in New Zealand today. Starting the images with a se
  9. In the New Year Honours list from three days ago (31 Dec 2014) there was this listing for the award of the NZ Distinguished service Decoration (NZDSD) The New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration The Queen has been pleased, on the celebration of the New Year, to make the following awards of The New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration: New Zealand Defence Force Serviceman B. For services to the New Zealand Defence Force. (Name withheld for security reasons)
  10. In recent times there have been several Gallantry awards to SAS members in NZ, and they are always refered to as "solder A, Captain B, Corporal C, &c, &c just as is doen in other realms
  11. I agree, it all depends on how deep our pockets are, mine are very shallow these days.......
  12. As I understand it the Africa Star RIBBON was awarded at about that time, probably about 1942 or so. I have seen several cases of veterans having a ribbon bar of only an Africa Star in their box of bits from the era. Often the single ribbon bar had a numeral '8' for NZ Eighth Army or a '1' for Brit First Army. The general rule is that the medals and awards of WW2 were not issued until about 1949-50 ish and were done upon application from the recipient
  13. These awards are issued free to those who apply, their eligibility is checked before the award is issued. I have noted that there are sellers of cheap knock-offs on the market today and selling these awards and others for just a few dollars, the genuine ones fetch hundreds of dollars each let alone if they are part of a group
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