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  1. Great bar and fantastic work finding a picture of the owner. It should be noted I think I have seen Peckelshiem's helmet before somewhere...
  2. Last, a picture - wish it was of Asche No such luck, but of an Off-Stellv from his regiment in 1915 wearing his own binos. Anyway, a small inexpensive item, but I really like it. You can't say with certainty but it was likely with him when he died. If it could talk it would surely tell a tale or two...the unit seemed to be fairly heavily committed during the early years of the war. Thanks for looking.... Best, Luc
  3. The owner was a Lt. dR Friedrich ASCHE, born Jan 9th, 1885.1914 Rangliste shows Asche as a Lt. dR in IR57. Subsequently transferred to RIR256 where he served in the II Battalion, 6.Komp from Mid July 1915. Killed at Kryscenie near Vilnius on Sept 11th, 1915. Scans from the Rangliste and the RIR256 history...
  4. Usually I stick to visors...and dabble slightly in ribbon bars and medals. And normally it's cavalry items...but something about this piece I really liked. Besides I had a Reserve Infantry Officer visor that it is now displayed next to, so it's found a good home This is my first of these (and likely the last) a Zeiss Telex 6X Sn 488522, should put manufacture sometime early to mid 1915. It is neatly inscribed to a Ltn Asche.
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/8029948/First-World-War-officially-ends.html
  6. Hey all. Just checking the 1914 Rangliste there is but one Asche a Lt dR in IR57. Volksbund.de lists a Freiderich Asche Lt dR died in Lithuania in 1915. Also checked IR57 history no Asche is listed as KIA. It doesnt appear IR57 operated in Lithuania. Curious if another Lt Ssche is in the Naval Rangliste. Or what Army Regiments operated in Lithuania in WWI. Cheers. Luc
  7. That would be fantastic if it was PFLHO Should make it an easier project - hopefully
  8. I only have Army Rangliste up to 1914. ID be out of the question with this combo?
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