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  1. I can't attest to the peanut butter trick, but many SS men did try to hide it by burning (which still showed scars that they were SS). In the Soviet areas they were shot, in the western side they went to de-nazification camps. Read Johann Voss's "Black Edelweisse, confessions and conscience of a Waffen SS soldier". He escaped the retraining because the day he was to be tattoed, his father visted him and he was not tattoed. He then worked for the Americans dong legal work.
  2. I bought one like that about 20 years ago from Military History magazine, they advertised it as being found in a Spanish warehouse.
  3. What's the clip in the belt for? Not a Mp40 is it?
  4. On reading a book, I just became aware that the American rebels attacked the British Isles on occasion mainly by priveteers. John Paul Jones ("I have not yet begun to fight") being one who landed on Scottish soil and the Channel Islands. Has anyone else heard of this or can elaborate on these "unknown events"?
  5. A few weeks ago while playing on the computer I over-heard on the TV (History Channel I believe) a story on how the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in the spring of 1942 with 3 seaplanes. They were blown off course, and attacked the wrong target (they were after fuel depots) and all crashed. The US navy calculated by fuel capacity of the seaplanes where they came from and attacked the base accordingly. Has anyone else heard of this or see the show I wasn't paying enough attention too? Thanks
  6. That guy who did the Daniel Day Lewis "Last of the Mohicans." And can be filmed in North Carolina seeing N.C. looks so much like RI, MA, NY, or save money and shoot in Romania ala Cold Mountain.
  7. Can anyone give me the true definition of the phrase "Lock and Load" and the time period? Thanks in advance.
  8. It may be fun to list or write about wars or skirmishes that flaired up in the United States that are relatively unknown. Michigan and Ohio boundary war: Yea, the two states were arguing over Toledo (would they now after the riot of last week over neo-nazi's) it was about 1835. Militia's were sent out, chickens and melons stolen a few shots fired but no casualities. Some historians believe the nick name Wolverines was given to Michiganers by Ohioans for being viscious and bloodthirsty. The Pig War: In 1859 the U.S. and Britain both laid claim to San Juan island in Washington state. British w
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