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  1. It should be the mark left by someone when he straightened the catch with pliers. Su
  2. Thank you so much guys. Please forgive me if I have some misuse in words or grammar, my English is not so good. I'm trying to take clearer shorts of the top of the catch. To watch closely, it should be the early blacksmithing and gilding method.
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to share my mega mint Schwerin U-boat badge. This one is flawless in my opinion.What do you think?Your opinions are very much appreciated. Thanks, Su
  4. My friend's new collection,L/11~mark on the edge. Do you think it is real or is it a fake? It looks painted to me... Thanks
  5. After the replacement of Badges,Please give me advice~ IAB in Silver,Unmarked(B.H. Mayer),Buntmetall
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