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  1. Thanks! But so you haven’t seen the first ribbon before either? Should be something high ranking.
  2. Lt dR Knoof from IR 64 is Johannes. Lt dR Koszinna from FAR is most probably Edwin. Lt dR Ambos from RIR 227 is Max.
  3. Very interesting - so is there any way at all to find the non-Brunswick recipients? Any rolls in the archives?
  4. Lt Carsjens from RIR 65 is Ernst. HdR Kleinekuhle from IR 161 is Konrad. Ludwig v. Klitzing died 1969.
  5. Lived in Stuttgart at the time. He is last found in the Adressbuch Stuttgart in 1930. In 1931, there is only his wife Johanna.
  6. From the Stammliste der Kaiser Wilhelms-Akademie für das militärärztliche Bildungswesen 1910: And he was alive in 1930 as Obermedizinalrat (from Kölnische Zeitung):
  7. I had a closer look at this one, quite tricky. There are not many candidates who had both the BZ3bXmE and the Waldeck - and no other awards. For a while, I thought it may have been Rittmeister Burchart von Saldern, but he was in Finland in 1918, so must have had Finnish awards. The only one I find with no other awards (though I didn't check all the awards lists) is Stabsarzt Dr. Karl Katz. He was in Kriegslazarett Matthaei in Lodz in 1915. Diss. Heidelberg 1895. From Pforzheim.
  8. Lt dR Thyssen from RIR 72 is Paul, born 1893 in Langenberg. Lt dR Tschauner from IR 74 is Ernst. OLt dR Wachsmuth from RFAR 7 is Fritz. Lt dR Waldmann from RIR 116 is Hubert, formerly from IR 83. Lt dR Wennesheimer from IR 118 is Johann. Lt Wollesen from IR 84 is Christen (Danish name). Lt dR Wurm from IR 330 is Franz.
  9. I would suggest looking for more information on Reichsgerichtsrat Dr. (Richard) Mansfeld (1865-1943), since he was in Saxony at the time. Neither listed in DOA (but that doesn't mean anything) nor in the Bavarian St Michael lists (but these stop in 1910).
  10. Lt dR Rietschel from IR 58 is Walt(h)er. Lt dL Rommel from LIR 122 is Gottfried, KIA 1918. H Rothe from IR 155 should be Ernst. HdR Sarrazin should be Felix, from Rittergut Karczewo, Gnesen. Lt dR Seeland from IR 92 is Paul. HdR Senckel from IR 161 is Heinrich. Lt dR Siemer from IR 150 is Heinrich.
  11. Lt Parrisius is most probably the later Lw Oberst Horst Parrisius, born 1897 in Posen, DKiS in WW2. Lt dR Peckholz from IR 147 is Hermann. Olt Pedell is most probably Carl, from FAR 53. Lt dR Polte from RIR 66 is Friedrich. Lt dR Rammensee from IR 157 is Hans. Lt dR Remter from FR 34 is Otto.
  12. Are we sure this is a reserve OFFICER? I wonder if his military rank might have been just a reserve VizeFw or so, but that he held a very high civilian rank/status.
  13. Doing some first names now from Verlustlisten: Lt dR Eschstruth from FAR 11 is Georg Bartholomäus from 2. GFAR is Karl (check if he made HdR by 1918) Lt dR Krotki from IR 359 is Franz Olt dR Kramberg from IR 137 is Paul Lt dR Krapp from RIR 90 is Willy Lt dR Krumnau from IR 359 is Otto Lt dR Küßner from FR 33 is Otto, KIA 1918 Lt dR Lemmer from GFAR 3 is Paul Lt dR Lüchow from RIR 74 is Heinrich Lt dR Neugebauer from IR 44 is Herbert Lt dR Noodt from RIR 209 is Heinrich Lt v. Oertzen from IR 24 is Karl Hugo Lt dR Oschatz from RIR 78 is Friedrich
  14. New addition - an elderly Luftwaffe Oberleutnant wearing what I believe are two Treudienst Abzeichen (in Wehrmacht long service style) on his ribbon bar: (Back says "Friedrich und Grete, Juni 1941")
  15. New first name: Dr. Hans Unckell died as Oberregierungsrat in 1944: 14.3.1944 Might be a new one: Alois Jacob, died in 1944 17.5.1944
  16. Might be yet another new one: OTL zV Otto Gall, died 1943: 4.5.1943 Fritz Firmenich died as Major aD in 1943: 3.10.1943
  17. First name: Olt Theodor Heinrich from Solingen Lt dR Schleuß from Eschweiler - new one? 17.7.1917
  18. Carl Schumm was KIA in 1917. 30.10.1917 First name: FußA H Otto Schumann from Köln 9.11.1917 First name: Günther v. d. Nahmer, KIA 1917 18.12.1917 KIA together with Werner Bülowius (new first name):
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