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  1. A miniature stickpin for a Brunswick soldier who missed out on the EK 1914:
  2. Great bars! Rick, I have never seen that mini star before! I suppose that was meant for lapel bows originally?
  3. Nothing particularly special, but I like ribbon bars with the halfmoon device. Here's mine: Anyone else?
  4. Thanks Mike, but it's not the Life Saving Medal. The center looks the same, but mine has additional yellow and red stripes on the border.
  5. The idea about the 1914 clasp also occurred to me... however shouldn't that be on the 1916+ pic? Well, the General MIGHT have removed the oaks himself, but this thing has definitely been messed with or mishandled: The Paris bar is missing a prong, for example. Also, I think there is only one set of holes. Really nice, your Obstfelder!!
  6. Thanks for your comments! When posting this, I did NOT know about the recent thread by Deruelle asking for a photo ID. What a coincidence! BTW, I would guess that - the postcard being from 1916 - this pic was taken when he was awarded the BMV2X star. Rick, I agree, this is really a good example for showing the spectrum shifts!
  7. Again, I could never have found him without Daniel! The photo dates ca. 1916-1919: He was awarded the BMV2 with star and X on 3.3.1916. Some questions remain, however: 1) What is the last ribbon??? 2) Has anyone got more pics of him? Or more info? 3) The pic shows loops for two more breast stars, but which ones could these be? 4) Finally, what do you think: Should I replace the 25yr oakleaves? Regards Chris
  8. Obviously, this being a wartime pic, he is wearing only a reduced set of his awards. So here's some info on him: Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Alfred von Besser Born 1854 Sekonde-Lt ?.?.1871 (probably just reached Paris before the war was over) Premier-Lt ca. 1880 Hauptmann ca. 1886 Major 27.1.1894 Uu Oberstleutnant 18.8.1900 F Oberst 27.1.1903 P Generalmajor 14.4.1907 H z.D. 1910 as char. Generalleutnant recalled with Patent als Generalleutnant 1914 last cdr of the 205. Infanterie-Division Died 16.5.1919 in Berlin He spent most of the earlier part of his career in the Garde-Schützen-Bataillon (GSB). In 1889, he even published a history of this unit. And during the 1870s, one of his officer colleagues in the GSB was a then still unknown Hauptmann named Paul v. Beneckendorff und v. Hindenburg... In 1900, he can be found as cdr of the Garde-Jäger-Bataillon, later cdr of IR115 before his final peacetime position as cdr of the 42. Inf-Brigade in 1907.
  9. And here's what the bar does not show: RAO2mEmX, KO2, Johanniter Rechtsritter, BMV2X with star, Hessian Philipp (Cdr), Mecklenburg Griffin (Honor Cross), Italian Crown Order (Cdr), Dutch Oranien Nassau (Cdr), Austrian FJ (Cdr), Persian Sun and Lion (Cdr) So - thanks to Daniel - may I introduce to you: Generalleutnant Alfred von Besser (1854-1919)
  10. The ribbons are: EK2 1870 (with missing 25 yr oakleaves), XXV, KDM 1870 with (only 1!) clasp "Paris", 1897 Cent., Anhalt FriedrichX, Lippe War MeritX, Hessian Bravery, Schaumburg-Lippe War MeritX, Hamburg Hanseaten - and something that still completely escapes me in last place RAO and KO moved up to the neck, so must have been a general before 1914. The style of the bar is weird, mostly seen on Austrian bars - but this was not an Austrian. Why he chose this style still remains a mystery. It was clear that he could only be ID'd through a photo. And here's where Daniel came in: He and I were both going through the ranklists and had several dozens of suspects left. BUT - however improbable it may seem - Daniel found a photo. A photo with a ribbon bar. No, not just some bar - but THIS VERY bar:
  11. Gentlemen, Recently, I was fortunate to acquire this bar, which was discussed more than three years ago on another forum by some of you (remember it?): This piece was actually lying in a small box under a lot of crap, but I thought it must be special. Now here's the backside: It became clear that, while the last ribbons were added at some point, the bar had to be REAL. And it had to belong to someone who held only commander grades of his more important awards and crammed all others onto his bar.
  12. Aaargghhhh!!! Red Eagle 3rd with bow and crown to a pre-1914 Oberst!! Must have been 80++ in WW2!
  13. I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Certainly my guy was Prussian. Superb bar, anyway!
  14. Daniel, have you got a pic of that other Brabant ribbon bar? Andreas, has your Knight's 1st with crown bar been ID'd? Has to be one of the other three mentioned by Nimmergut!
  15. Thanks all for your comments! Yes, you may all use my pictures. Here's a larger scan:
  16. Nimmergut, alas, lists only the information I have given. No info about birth etc. The four recipients of the Brabant Knight's 1st with crown are: 1) Geh. Med.rat Dr. Michael Reisinger, from a hospital in Mainz 2) Prof. Biermann, im Kabinett f?r Kunstpflege (seems to be an art historian) 3) Hans Eberhardt 4) Lawyer and "Justizrat" Wilhelm Gr?newald, chairman of the University Society Gie?en, on 26.6.1918 I also found this factory owner in the OA 1908/09. But he is listed as a Hauptmann der Reserve in Berlin. with PrLD1 indeed! I think it must be him, though I don't know how he got to be a judge. Dumb question: how do I determine whether it is silk? The whole bar certainly looks good, very clean and minty. Closeups to follow!
  17. Gentlemen, here's something I think I was lucky to get: Ribbon #4: Princely House Order of Hohenzollern, 3rd class w/o swords, with crown. According to Nimmergut, it was awarded to Beamten and officers up to Hauptmann. 71 awards from 1905-1927 (continued to be awarded in Weimar times). Ribbon #5: If I am not mistaken, this is the Star of Brabant. The combination with the RAO suggests a Knight 1st class with crown. Now there weren't many of them around... actually four, and seven for the Knight 2nd with crown. Nimmergut lists all recipients (well, only six for the 2nd cl). But only one of them was an officer, a certain Major der Landwehr Hans Eberhardt, Handelsrichter (commercial judge), on 5.6.1918 Should this be his bar? Regards Chris
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