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  1. Hmpf.... first of all, a very interesting item. If Rick could not do it, its definetly not easy. It would be interesting as well, if all Orders are Gold or are there silver gilt pieces on it. Esp.. the red bird, the Ernestinian and the centers of the Albert. Definetly no military type, pure civilian, so my crystal ball is useless, would have to check the prussian court and state handbooks around the 1890ies and early 1900 by hand. Best, Daniel
  2. MStMV2T - 2. Klasse mit der Inschrift "Für Tapferkeit" EH1X - Ernestinian, right. HOH1aX - Star of the Grand Commander HOH2aX - Star of the Commander Best, Daniel
  3. In WW1 he's got everything 🙂 HOH1aX, HOH2aX, HEK1X X zu, BBI1X, BMVGKX, BrK2, BH, HH, HT, MMV1, MStMV1, MStMV2T, OK1, RK, SH3, EH1X, SLK, WK1X X zu, ÖM1K Best, Daniel
  4. we are mixing things up here. German ROYALS did wear lower classes as well as grand crosses to show their "unity" with the "mortal" people as well. Decorations of the Red Eagle with swords and with the crown were always worn together with the later awarded higher classes, as this were kind of special classes, not the normal regularly awarded "long service" gongs. On the Kings Eduards bar, I see as well a Prussian Crowen Order 3rd class on the special memorial ribbon for the wars of unification and a Austrian Marianer Cross of the Teutonic knights. Best, Daniel
  5. Quite easy with a bit time in stock 🙂 Prussian Ranklist 1914 + Bavarian awards roll for WW1 from Roth and the Hohenzollern list from Geile would do it in that case. And... Ihave to admit a mistake. Both bars did NOT belong to the same guy. There were 2 Prussian Officers with nearly exactly this rack. One got the Austrian MMC, one not. Best, Daniel
  6. @BlackcowboyBS, About the original holder of that bars, I would love to know to whom I or another helpful member here might deliver the info. Especially here in the GMIC we had several discussions about "giving free info to unknown guys". My late friend Rick and others, incl. me are / were a bit sensitive about that. Best, Daniel
  7. Not in the Generals ranks. The Hohenzollern knight was the semi official pre pour le merite award up to LtCol. The higher grades of the Hohenzollern for Generals are quite exclusive. They did get Red Eagles and Crwon Orders with swords. Best, Daniel
  8. I was even wondering, why he did get one. I would expect a military merit cross, which was the basic award for German officers as well, or even an Iron Crown 2nd class... But it is proven in the Austrian Schematismus, that he did get the Leopold in 1917. Who knows why... sometimes the Austrian awards to Germans did not always follow strict rules...? Best, Daniel
  9. Hello Lew, a pretty nice Project! Buy please - an EK2 (obvious) - a Saxon KVK (obvious as well) - a Saxon Officers long service cross - a Prussian KO4 - a Centenary (obvious as well) - a Wuerttemberg Frederick knight 1st class without swords - an Austrian Leopold knight with war decoration If you want to make the group complete, buy a Saxon Merit Order Commander, an Albrecht Commander and a Bavarian Military Merit Order 2nd class. ... and put a name tag on it which says Generalleutnant a.D. Kurt Alphons STARK, 1858-1934 Commander of Truppenübungsplatz Königsbrück and Inspekteur der Kriegsgefangenenlager. Best, Daniel
  10. Brandensteins WW1 stuff was Plm, KO2X, BMV3XKr, HT, MMV1, OK1, something Finnish and ÖM3K. Best, Daniel
  11. Yes. WK2cX f. WK3X - officers cross instead of the earlier awarded knights cross. Best, Daniel
  12. Awards? Many from everywhere. RAO4, HOH3X, BMV3X, BMV4XKr, BrK2, HH, OK1, SA3aXKr, SEK2, WK2cX f.WK3X, BA2, DD2b, JM4, ÖEK3K, ÖFJ3, ÖM3K, SS2b, TM2, TI2X, TH You need some award rolls 🙂 did I mention that before? Best, Daniel
  13. Robert got quite alot. Wuerttemberg Frederick knight 1st class with swords, Prussian EK1, German KVK1 with swords in WW2 Ernestinian House Order knight 2nd class Finnland war medal 1918 Austrian Military merit cross and pilots badge Turkisch Osmanie 4th class, Liakat medal in silver with sabres and the Half Moon. Best, Daniel
  14. Great achievement!!! Thanks a lot!!! To find the remaining 50 active guys will be a quite hard task. Maybe the one or other might still turn up when Dave Danner might find some more in one of his projects or if we stumble across an award document. Best, Daniel
  15. Dobro! Pivo is a good idea!!! If you have access to ancestry.com you might find his personnel file. Best Daniel
  16. Very nice one!! Congratulations! There was only one bavarian Officer with that combination of awards. Captain Ludwig POLAND. born 1873 somehow, after the China campaign , he retired and was called back for WW1. The 1st ribbon by the way represents a WW1 4th class with crown and swords, I wonder, why Poland did not have the fitting attachment added... There is no long service award because he did not have enough active years to get it. Maybe after WW1, but this bar dates around 1916, I would guess. Best, Daniel
  17. @ Laurentius, If I remember correctly, as Czar Paul I. did reorganzie the Russian Orders system, at that time "only" Andreas, Newski and Anna, into one combined Order. As George and Wladimir were creations of his hated Mother Katharina, he did ignore them and the following Czars did award both Orders, George and Wladimir in the following 100+ years still out of the system. The George was a pure Military Order, the Wladimir was always something "special and on top" in the Russian award system. @ Deutschritter, exactly!!! Best, Daniel
  18. Äh, a little correction. The Wladimir was "out of the system". Andreas knights did get the Newski, White Eagle, Anna and Stanislaus if they did not already had it. If they did wear the Andreas on the collane, the Newski was worn on the sash, the White Eagle on the neck and the Anna at the medal bar. If they did wear the Andreas on the sash, the Newski was worn on the Neck and the White Eagle at the medal bar, the Anna was not worn in that case. ...and so on downwards to the knights of the White Eagle.... Anna 1 did not include Stanislaus 1. If a guy did get that kind of included lower Orders, only the highest Order was shown in the ranklist. Best, Daniel
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