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  1. Hello. Here is an update on the restoration of this piece, the lamp holder is only temporary. this was last illuminated in 1916. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Hi that is an interesting looking box of parts, there are a combination of engine and electric motor parts in there, what is the physical size of the piston and connecting rod, thats the rod with the large hole at one end and the smaller one at the other? cheers
  3. No idea what it is for but it looks interesting, does it work?
  4. Hello G, I did not think those items had the underwater look... on the rudder indicator, is the lettering a particular font style?, it is the same font as my telegraph which i wish to restore.
  5. GP, is the rudder indicator from the same boat? the condition looks too good to have been underwater for a long time, i have the conning tower rudder indicator too, but the condition is really poor and incomplete. Col.
  6. Thank you G. Those are indeed wonderful and rare items you show, the telegraph is the same as mine,and like mine has clearly been recovered from underwater. thank you for posting your reply Col.
  7. the scale reads from left to right, AUSS.K ALLE.F GROSS.F HALBE.F LANGS.F KLEINE.F ACHTUNG STOPP then the lettering changes from black to red and it reads. LANGS.F HALBE.F AUSS.K there are umlauts on the A in Auss but i cant do them with this keyboard.. i note there are no mention of diesel or e machinen like with ww2 boats.
  8. Thanks for your reply Sto, thats an interesting picture, there is a different version of the telegraph in the top corner, it has the handle that sticks out rather than down, but i can see it has the same speed scale, thanks again, we are on the right track.
  9. Thats better, here is another view, the switch at the top would have turned on an internal light to illuminate the scale, i am hoping to re-create this function, the casing is totally empty apart from the speed scale, i am making an accurate copy of that too, but obviously keeping the original safe.
  10. Hello, here are some pictures of a conning tower engine telegraph from a UCII type u boat circa 1916,this came to me in poor, incomplete condition and i am restoring it, i need help with the handle, does anybody have any idea of how an original looked? i presume it would be wooden with a brass shaft through the middle to connect it to the part that is still present, any information that anyone can offer concerning this machine will be gratefully received. many thanks.
  11. That would be a great help if you could do that for me. Many thanks. Colin.
  12. Thanks for your information, the museum looks like a good place to start trying to find the information i am looking for, i am specifically trying to find any information, pictures or diagrams etc of the conning tower engine telegraph and the rudder position indicator fitted to UCII type vessels, both the machines are made by Siemens, would you or anybody else be able to draft me an email in German asking for any information to send to the museum? sadly i speak no German. many thanks. Colin.
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