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  1. other great signatures of 20.July 1944. General Remer and Georg Freiherr von Boeselager http://www.germanautographs.de/home/georg-fhr-von-boeselager.html http://www.germanautographs.de/home/otto-ernst-remer.html
  2. If i can make photos i will post them. Its not a cheap only wood wolchowstock. Its a fine piece with a few color emblems squdron of the luftwaffe jg on the wolchowstock. I think the name wolchowstock will be not correct. I think a better name is "Geschwaderstock" from JG Kommandore.
  3. From one of the biggest private collections of europe i can get 2 very fine with provience wolchowstocks. One is coming from a diamondswinner luftwaffe and the other is coming from a swordswinner and masterkiller. The collector wants for the diamondswinner wolchowstock = 5.000 Euro and the swordswinner = 2.500 Euro. What did you think about the prices? Are the price real? I saw a lot of cheap wolchowstock on the market, but not such history fine masterpieces and without provience.
  4. Sometimes you can find also a fine honor goblet - Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe - in the internet. It seems that this is from a JG 7 ace. http://www.militaria321.com/auktionsdetails.cfm?auctionID=5982640 A few weeks ago there was a goblet in ebay us.
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