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  1. hc8604

    Chinese Badge

    Your welcome... hopefully more information is found.
  2. hc8604

    Chinese Badge

    I have seen more post war badges with nickel plating than pre-1945 badges. Nickel was probably a war material that was hard to get in China and probably wasn't a good idea to embellish badges. Anyways, if it is HK during WWII, it was occupied by the Japanese and I doubt there would be any sun/KMT symbols being used at that time.
  3. hc8604

    Chinese Badge

    Traditional characters for reference to compare to the badge: 親愛精誠 (on the badge is read right to left). Yeah it looks like it. I am guessing the members are associated with the military academy probably. Or they fled from the communists in 1949 and established themselves as a music club instead. Is the badge nickel plated? or some type of silver colored metal finish?
  4. hc8604

    Chinese Badge

    The top line is hard to read, but the bottom is 香港國民同樂會 Google translate gives "Hong Kong National Music Club." It is probably a defunct organization as search engines don't give any results. Middle shows the blue sky and white sun surrounded by plum flowers. Probably 1940s-50s badge. Could be newer or older.
  5. It should be third class, second grade. The second class has coral in the middle too and has a different design for the neck version. Third class has the blue glass and should all be neck awards, even though its quite large. Maybe somebody felt it was too big and heavy to be worn on the neck and had a jeweler create a smaller version. I have seen several examples where some of these were converted to breast stars because they are really big lol. Chinese medals were kind of crude overall. The enameling is quite the artwork though.
  6. I am guessing this is what the 40 yr service one looks like. The middle suspension part is different from the usual plum flowers.
  7. It looks like one of those Mao badges from the Cultural Revolution. JapanX post about the poster is one of those types from that period.
  8. hc8604

    Translation please

    The first one says 兩廣總督張 which is Governor Zhang of Guangdong and Guangxi. 獎 means award. The rest would need a lot more time to translate. I think this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhang_Mingqi I would be careful, as there may be good copies of these things. Copies of Chinese coins are getting better and it is not easy to tell the difference anymore. Even though this is a medal, I see copies of others before.
  9. Looks like the others may be government civilian awards after all. I got the second one translated, if I have time, I will get the others translated. Hopefully somebody can get the others. Second one is a ROC Ministry of Interior 中華民國內政部 medal. Medal seems to be a service medal, first class. 役政一等獎章
  10. I have always seen three classes for the service medal. Never heard of if being 4 classes. There was an ebay seller that gave odd description of a service medal he has as a Japanese/Taiwanese WWII Marshall medal. Had it for sale for several hundred dollars. Had a laugh with that one. Very common medals in Taiwan. The others I think are organization medals. None of them look like government issued stuff. Close pictures would be better.
  11. Recently, saw these for sale. The seller, as usual, tries to get the most money out of this by inserting key words such as "flying tigers," "cbi," etc. The ones for sale are shown below and have the 國 in front of the serial number (post 1950 version or early "Taiwan" period) The first one for sale, seems to have a modern ribbon because of the shine using modern materials. The second one for sale, have an older ribbon. Even if the ribbon may be original, wide hooks are very rare to see on Nationalist medals. They tend to use thin hooks on some of the medals. Both seem to have serial number in the same font, but I don't think this is the correct font. The font looks similar to the recent copies. I have a few other early Taiwan medals (Victorious Garrison and Brilliant Light medals), and they have the same matching fonts with the other Taiwan Armed Forces medals posted before on this thread. I am not sure when Taiwan medals begin to offer mini medals and the pin. Probably later on maybe 1970s? Enamel doesn't look right either. Enamel would be the transparent type. Hugh posted his modern ones from page one and the enamel match to the same two below. The second one has a screw. Taiwan medals from what I have seen, don't have a screw. Pre1949 ones do have a screw though.
  12. Seems there are a lot of variations or plain misplacement of ribbons. I am confused what are the correct ribbon colors for each class. 1st: red white red 2nd: white yellow white 3rd: white red white 4th: white red white 5th: white red white 6th: red blue red 7th: red blue red 8th: red white red 9th: red white red
  13. Its real.. not sure exactly what it is. I am guessing its a civilian medal given out in the early period, like 1928 to 1930s. The manufacturer also makes other medals, such as the Cloud and Banner. I saw one recently, a 2nd class, shown below. Actually the back on the 4th class translates to "Silver Quality, 4th class, Medal" 銀質四等獎章 The 2nd class translates to "Gold Quality, 2nd class, Medal" 金質二等獎章 Correct me if I am wrong... Maybe class 1-3 is gold, 4-6 is silver, and 7-9 is bronze? On the obverse, 員會, means member. That is what I can tell so far..
  14. The cloth is pictured on the wrong side. I am sure the ink would be easier to read on the other side.
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