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  1. Recently, saw these for sale. The seller, as usual, tries to get the most money out of this by inserting key words such as "flying tigers," "cbi," etc. The ones for sale are shown below and have the 國 in front of the serial number (post 1950 version or early "Taiwan" period) The first one for sale, seems to have a modern ribbon because of the shine using modern materials. The second one for sale, have an older ribbon. Even if the ribbon may be original, wide hooks are very rare to see on Nationalist medals. They tend to use thin hooks on some of the medals. Both seem to have serial number in the same font, but I don't think this is the correct font. The font looks similar to the recent copies. I have a few other early Taiwan medals (Victorious Garrison and Brilliant Light medals), and they have the same matching fonts with the other Taiwan Armed Forces medals posted before on this thread. I am not sure when Taiwan medals begin to offer mini medals and the pin. Probably later on maybe 1970s? Enamel doesn't look right either. Enamel would be the transparent type. Hugh posted his modern ones from page one and the enamel match to the same two below. The second one has a screw. Taiwan medals from what I have seen, don't have a screw. Pre1949 ones do have a screw though.
  2. Seems there are a lot of variations or plain misplacement of ribbons. I am confused what are the correct ribbon colors for each class. 1st: red white red 2nd: white yellow white 3rd: white red white 4th: white red white 5th: white red white 6th: red blue red 7th: red blue red 8th: red white red 9th: red white red
  3. Its real.. not sure exactly what it is. I am guessing its a civilian medal given out in the early period, like 1928 to 1930s. The manufacturer also makes other medals, such as the Cloud and Banner. I saw one recently, a 2nd class, shown below. Actually the back on the 4th class translates to "Silver Quality, 4th class, Medal" 銀質四等獎章 The 2nd class translates to "Gold Quality, 2nd class, Medal" 金質二等獎章 Correct me if I am wrong... Maybe class 1-3 is gold, 4-6 is silver, and 7-9 is bronze? On the obverse, 員會, means member. That is what I can tell so far..
  4. The cloth is pictured on the wrong side. I am sure the ink would be easier to read on the other side.
  5. I don't know about if these are real or not.. I have seen some of these for sale, but the sellers also list those fantasy fakes with it...
  6. This would be an obvious statement, but there is probably a black and white background one. So far the ribbons correspond to the colored background of the white tiger. larsb001, I would recommend making another topic for others to see and discuss the medal bar Looks more like a lion on the medal bar btw
  7. Here is another class. It is a blue version.
  8. hc8604

    Japanese visor hat

    Enlisted visors are harder to find. Enlisted do not have silk lining and has a tag to write name with a different lining. Visors are different by the material used too.
  9. Saw this a few weeks ago and noticed the size was 7.5 cm. Did they come this small?
  10. Hi Wendell, thanks for the information! I assume the medal was lost long ago? Anybody know if Special Breast Order is what class? I am guessing 8th or 9th?
  11. hc8604

    Group of 4 PLA medals

    Good observations.. I know there are really bad fakes, but either could be real or genuine, not to sure..
  12. hc8604

    Japanese Tunic

    Also, get a medal bar. From what I can tell, I don't see a strings to attach medals though.
  13. Thanks for the information. Good to know. Seems confusing a bit, but I understand what they are for now.
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