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  1. hi, i bought today this medal from yemen in original box. the writing is " abyan gov(ernatore), r.d.r. of yemen" what is this for medal? is in red velvet box. thanks for the help!
  2. Simon,
    thank you very much for the good communication during our swap.
    With best regards,

  3. many thanks! what do you think, is it an original piece or a new made?
  4. hello my friends, do you can help me, please? why is on this miniature on the obverse only "victoria regina"? thanks for your answers!
  5. in the box are remainders from red ribbon. the box is small, 6 x 11 cm. made in france, arthur bertrand. what do you think, what was inside? thanks for your assistance!
  6. dear Chris, you are great. thanks for the fast reply. this badge is not marked . is it a rare piese on the market?
  7. hi, i have this badge, but i dont know anything about it. it is hot enameled, very big one and a low quality production. please help me! thanks, laszlo
  8. dear Owain, here the pictures about the 2 examples. the ends of the rays are different. probably 2 tipes? do you have an enameled examle?
  9. dear Owain, many thanks for the reply. i thank it, because it is gold plated and the other is a bzonze plated piece. so it is colored before the enameling. it is senselessly, because the galvanisation burns it down. and the medals are in 2 colors..
  10. hi, the order of the earth has more grades. i have a not enameled gold plated one, and i bought today the same not enameled in bronze. the gold plated one is on my site yet, ( www.vorbeste.hu ) i will list the new one yesterderday after cleaning. i was wondering about the grades, nobody told me anything about it. all the yemeni medals are made in hungary..
  11. the medals: left: service for the fatherland in bronze. right: commemorative sport (bicycler) medal: cup szeged-budapest. incorect ribbon, it is for the 20 years service medal in the socialist period. value: 5-10 usd.
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