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  1. Chris, maybe you recognize this Polish Legion veteran? Apparently finished as a Captain.

    Posted on the BMF, here's the poster's list of the medals he identified:

    1. Medaille Militaire
    2. Ordre national du Merite (awarded by the President)
    3. Croix de la Valeur Militaire (like the Croix de Guerre, MID level)
    4. Croix du combatant
    5. Medaille d’Outre-Mer (Overseas Medal) with clasp TCHAD
    6. Medaille de la Defense Nationale, en Argent (version 2 – took me a while to work this out), two clasps INFANTERIE and LEGION ETRANGERE.
    7. Medaille de Reconnaissance de la Nation, with clasp, OPERATIONS EXTERIEURES
    8. Medaille commemoration francaise, with clasp, EX-YOUGOSLAVIE
    9. Medaille des blesses de guerre (Medal for War Wounded), later version
    10. UN UNPROFOR, I’m pretty sure with clasp KOSOVO (can’t see other examples of this)
    11. ?? Big foreign award, blue and white ribbon, crown with leaves at top?
    12. Foreign medal, silver and green star, Arabic writing. Can’t identify. Saudi colours.
    13. Medal itself completely obscured by ‘Big foreign award’, ribbon sixth blue, sixth yellow, third black, sixth green, sixth red.


    Remembrance Day Warsaw 2019.jpg

    Remembrance Day Warsaw 2019 detail.jpg

  2. I don't know whether his family was issued a Memorial Plaque and Memorial Cross, but I have a Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to a Garrison Artillery Gunner (later Canadian Engineers) who was killed by a mine in 1916.

    I know, you're saying "So what?. Thousands were."

    Here's the kicker- it was a naval mine ON LAKE ONTARIO.

    He and a member of his company were rowing out to place several mines in the lake so they could film them being swept.  Unfortunately they (against orders) put mines and batteries in the same rowboat.



  3. We opened last Friday night - Peacekeepers Day in Canada, and the 45th anniversary of the shooting down of CAF Buffalo 461 over Syria.

    Positive reviews from three Peacekeeping vets who have toured it.


    IMGP0472 (2).JPG


    RCAF RCASC.jpg





  4. After the war, the CEF organized War Graves units from men who had made it to England, but not to France. These would mostly be conscripts.  There were two companies.  I have a BWM named to the Canadian Engineers, but his service was with one of them.

    I recall reading (in one of Norm Christie's books) that the labour was provided by German pows.


  5. Hello/Bonjour

    I'm restoring a couple of French ribbon bars for my peacekeeping exhibition, and need the following mini clasps: "Liban", and two "Missions d'assistance exterieure".  Does anyone have some spare to sell, or can source them for me?

    Je suis en train de restorer deux barrettes dixmude, et j'ai besoin de LIBAN et deux MISSIONS D'ASSISTANCE EXTÉRIEURE.  Comme je suis au Canada, c'est pas facile de les trouver. 

    Thank you/merci

  6. Great find.  I've always had a soft spot for the 19th, as their predecessors, the 19th Light Dragoons, served in Canada during the War of 1812.  I have an Egypt Medal to the 19th, bought as a no-clasp.  My researcher found that he was entitled to Tel-el-Kebir, and when the rolls became available online, I discovered he also had Suakin 1884 and El Teb.  I added the Tel-el-Kebir clasp, but doubt I can afford the other two, El Teb as a single being scarce.  No papers found, so not clear why he missed Tamaii.


  7. Shameless plug for a new exhibition that will open August 9th at the Oakville ON Museum.  My concept, and lots from my collection, plus some Peacekeeping Veterans.  I've gotten Romeo Dallaire onside, and am working on Prince Harry.  The date is the 45th anniversary of the shooting down of CAF Buffalo 461 over Syria, and Peacekeepers Day in Canada.


  8. Sadly Archives now wants $25 for a service record, so I didn't send off for any more.  That's almost as much as I could sell the medal for.

    I'll probably put most of my USN GCMs up for sale, as I can't afford to have too diverse a collection anymore.

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