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  1. Yes the people selling it listed his first unit 129 art regiment then 131 grenadier regiment did not even show scan of page 17 got it for under £50. With awarda of EK II,Ost medal,IAB and wound badge in gold. There are stil bargains out their !
  2. Hello just got this soldbuch having troublr reasearching last unit on page 17 Korps group Bork ? where was this unit in april 1945. Also Two close combat days during the 3 battle for cassino what is the location of the entry on 12.5.44 Hecker was with Riechs reg Hoch-und Deutschmeister/8 at this time thanks Mark.
  3. Hello I am researching some documents from Hans Möller in his WW2 Fragebogen he gives these awards is their any way of confirming this he was a native of Mecklenburg-schwerin. Thanks Mark
  4. Hello found this post I am currently researching Hans Heinrich Paul Möller a WW1 vet after which he joined the customs in Bremen his service continued into WW2 and these scans are of parts of his fragebogen as he continued his career into the occupation government, as you can see he recieved KVK II klasse m. Schw. on 8.10.44 while he was Oberzollsekretar I presume this was a non combat role, so why recieve it with swords ? Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks for the reply I can start to get an idea of what the guys medal bar looked like Mark
  6. Thanks Chip the number is yellow so its back to the drawing board Mark
  7. Hello just got this shoulderboard nearest I can get is Infanterie-Regt Graf Bose (1. Thüringisches) Nr.31. which should be white with red 31 am I right thanks Mark
  8. just got an ultrasonic cleaner will it remove patina or just dirt off medals,badges etc. thanks Mark
  9. bravo AOL any slower and I will be travelling back in time! not a bad thing some would say.

  10. Hello, I recently got a large number of documents some of which concern this regiment I am having trouble translating or even reading this document I know it concerns Oberfeldwebel Möller Thanks Mark
  11. Hello just got this award document What does the award look like? Thanks Mark
  12. Hello I recently got this envelope and document Are the two people mentioned related ? What is Staffelstab 199 a line HQ Artillery? As the document predates the envelope is this transfering v.Solemacher-Antweiler to Fusiler Regt 73 ? Is it possable to find out more about their war records Thanks Mark
  13. Thanks for the fast replys I think this is the first step in a very expensive interest thanks Mark
  14. Hello I have just got my first shoulderboard which I think is Infanterie-Regiment von Wittich (3.Kurhessisches)Nr.83 it is 5cm width and 15cm long. If the M07 is 5.5cm and the M15 is 4.5cm what type of board is this and when does this date from thanks Mark
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