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  1. I obtained this set from a gent in the US , it required some repairs which were carried out by the late Dougie Biggart who ran Glasgow Binocular Repairs. The image is very good clean and sharp , a nice set to use.
  2. Jock, I have never seen any size larger than this one 300x500, a nice flag.
  3. Since long time back to now I have obtained a few more flags , two 300x500's both nearly mint and two kommandant pennants, one from a U Boat the other from a larger vessel , quite likely destroyer size.
  4. Two monocular scopes for a KDO 36 flak rangefinder.Mounting illustration is from han seeger's "Grey Book". An amber coloured filter is built into the objective hood, attached optical sights for the 36 RF. some assorted cables, obtaining the cables for the range finder will I fear be impossible. Sadly almost all examples you will find of the 10x45's in th box will have been messed with , parts removed , people trying to open them " to see what is inside" or " to see how they work", it took about 5 years to get decent examples.
  5. Same monoular as seen in Hans Seeger's "Zeiss handfernglaser 1919-1946 (April 2015) ISBN 978-3-00-049464-2. page 255. Hans S. describes it as blc. Monokulares richt-ober Zielfernrohr 7x50 mit Strichplattenbeleuchtung im oberen "FuB". 1944. The two examples he features are numbered 2253562. (DATED AS FEB. 1944) and 2253841 mine is numbered 2253870. Hans seeger decrbes it as " a ranging telescope for an unknown use". Lens are not coated , this one was came from a gent in Florida.
  6. It took a while, on the smooth finished set a replacement eye cup and a "benutzer chord" had to be found. (both reproductions), the rough finished set lacked the rainguard , eventually a period one was found be it slightly chipped. The lanyards although period are in storage, I saw a riend of mine have a set fall when a war time lanyard broke , it could have been a very expensive fall, thankfully no damge done. The set he has is just a few numbers short of the rough finished set I have and at one time they probably stood on the same factory work bench. (Peter found his set in Prague
  7. Although it is dificult to see fine detail owing to size of photos it does appear to be correct. I have one of these "20's" as well made by Zimmermann.
  8. My good lady asked me " Could you not have brought a heavier set of "binocs" with you?"
  9. Two blc "fat Commanders". There was a bit of fungal growth in one which was cleaned and successfully removed by the late Dougie Biggart at Glasgow Binocular Repairs. Whenever I use this set I think of Dougie who was an expert craftsman and a true gentleman. Both sets were painted with a horrible roughly applied black paint which I removed, crude and ugly it was not applied in the service life of either set.
  10. Ross 3.5x24, 7x50 and 10x70 binocular sights. The smaller unit was used on radar director units which directed AA fire, the other two are gunnery director binoculars finding phoots of them on their mounts is proving difficult. Optical quality is very good . 5046 - the radar officers monocular sight.
  11. A set of blc 7x50 "Gas Mask" binoculars , I dare say most collectors of binoculars will have a set. This set came with its case and filters and is almost as mint as one could hope for , they are comfortable to use and compare well with any 7x50. The binocular on the left is I think an early "gas mask " type model, artl. marked.
  12. A friend of mine who lives in Munich has perhaps the only intact and known set , they have appear in hans Seeger's new book on Zeiss optics. (Owner is a gent called Martin Soerenson)
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