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  1. Hi, what do you think about this medal? Is possible to say if it is original? Unfortunatelly, I have only these small photos now. Thanks L.
  2. Hi, I would like to ask you for your opinion on this badge? Fake or original? Thanks
  3. The name sounds Polish for me. So I thought it should be Polish member of foreign legion in WWI?
  4. It shuld be "strelci franc legii KASTANSZOVI" - to rifleman of French legion Kastansz. Ladis
  5. Hi, hanging device on last medal looks like from Czechoslovak bravery medal. Look here: http://gmic.co.uk/in...ndpost&p=401240
  6. And The Commemorative Cros of the Czechoslovak volunteer from 1918-1919:
  7. My last small additions - The Czechoslovak war cross 1939 and The Comemorative medal of the Czecoslovak Army (It's not a medal bar but two separate madals):
  8. Hi, thank you for info. Do you (or anybody else) have picture of complete award with ribbon?
  9. Hi, what do you think about this cross? Could it be cross of Selbstschutz-Bataillons Lublinitz second class? Reverse is flat with Meybauer marking.
  10. And something from WWII: Medal for gallantry Prague edition with linden branch for second award.
  11. Alex: very beautifull contribution. Ulsterman: Yes, war cross was bravery award.
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