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  1. Hello all here are two admin collar tabs ; I were quite confident, but now I've seen that, although unmatched, both are glued on the back. On WAF, a thread tells about this feature which is a red flag for some experienced collectors. Moreover, they show a construction that I've never seen before : the buckram is covered with blue-grey cloth or wool. I'm waiting for your thoughts, thank you.
  2. I've seen this kind of collar tabs placement on many period photographs... No problem when they come to the edges like this IMO.
  3. Would it be historically right to put this ribbon bar on a Lw tunic (flight leutnant, flight feldwebel or signals leutnant) without any other awards ? Or would I need something else ? Thank you, Renaud.
  4. Very informative and fresh looking item ; thanks for sharing it ! I know something more now....
  5. Thank you Paul ; I saw them on WAF, but if you have more photos, I would take them.
  6. Hello all Sorry to ask the question here but this thread is a nice opportunity : is there a lot of period pictures and contemporary ones which show four pocket tunics in this volume ? Thank you
  7. Hello all here is a little ribbon bar that was on a new tunic I just acquired. Absolutely no idea about its authenticity, so your help with be highly appreciated. One more thing : what are the awards featured on it ? Thank you.
  8. Here is mine ; very salty but still nice IMO ; "88 cm Flak 18" marked :
  9. Paul, I have some pics of it ; but I don't know where this tunic is !
  10. Hello what do you think about this insignia ? It is on sale ; I like it but would like more opinions. Thank you !
  11. Not only Lw, but interesting Nice : - good photos - some beautiful items Bad : - little text - no zooming on logos
  12. There is usually a logo on the sweat band of Erel visors, isn't it ?
  13. Yes you're right, the material is a bit different... too bad Nevertheless, a bit of what appears to be the same material is used in the cuffs, so perhaps it is not annoying : Finally maybe I will only put on officer insignias, I don't know.
  14. Woh, big document ! Very interesting, even if I don't understand all. So, OCS stands for Officer Candidates School, right ? I would like to apply new insignias on my salty four pockets to make it an officer candidate ; would these tabs be historically good (I've hidden the web site to preserve them from competition...) ? If I've understood, they should go with an officer cap since they have not silver cord around them, right ? The tunic, that Paul already knows :
  15. Thanks for this picture ; he does not seem to have the extra strip of cord on the shoulder boards
  16. That's interesting ; I've found an other picture (sorry for the very bad scan) : Interestingly his schirmm?tze has a waffenfarbe piping and a silver piping.
  17. Ok, thanks to you all ! Paul, your pics are welcome ! Naxos, on your photograph the NCO's tresse is still on the collar ?
  18. Hello all which insignias may have an officer candidate on his tunic ? Is it : standard oberfeldwebel collar tabs but officer silver piping around the collar instead of NCO's tresse ? What about the shoulder boards ? Have you some good pics to show ? Period or today's items ? Thanks a lot
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