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  1. Has anyone seen this maker before and jas any information on him?
  2. Here's my offering, one pin back and the first I have seen with a needle attachment pin.
  3. Bernhard, Thank you for your help in translation. :cheers:
  4. page6 Here is what I find interesting with this post war ID document insert that they have left all the swastika’s intact on the Kennkarte. Also can some one translate her occupation for me?
  5. Here is a kennkarte with it's outer protective cover this is the first one like this I have seen.
  6. I just received this tinnie and while giving it a mild cleaning I found it was maker marked which surprised me as my Stuttgart pin is not marked, the maker is Karl Wuster, Markneukirchen which am told is in Saxony.
  7. Hi Don that's 17 so far. Here's my latest addition. M1/14 is the RZM code for Matthius Oescbsler & Sohn, Ansbach.
  8. Here's a new one for me it's a pre 1934 badge it doesn't have a makers mark or RZM logo.
  9. Yes Don you are right. My bad just caulk it up a senor moment I just didn’t check out the first page. :banger:
  10. No when I refer to the style of fonts Im talking about the type of lettering that was used.
  11. I would say this badge was made before 1934 just from the style of fonts used the oval 0 used here was changed to a more circular O after 1934/35 when the new RZM regulations came into effect also the lack of any markings on the reverse can be found on some of the earlier badges like this one. James.
  12. Hi Wood, Here is the only one I have are the ones you posted marked on the reverse.
  13. Here is the one I have I don't know who added the red felt backing as it was there when I got it.
  14. Hi Wood, I wonder how many got by their quality control insp. with the tatting installed backwards facing like the one you have.
  15. Here is my latest I know the attachment plate is not original but it could be a period repair who knows. I believe the original plate is still there under what appears to be an attachment device from a mini mutters cross pendent. maker is Ferdinand Wagner, Pforzheim.
  16. The main thing to watch for in tinnies is how the reverse looks the image should be almost as clear as the front. This one is as good as you can ask for. :beer:
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