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  1. I thought it was an ADJ or ACH, because the chevron above the epaulette is the same way as the ACH and ADJ of the Musique wears.
  2. Could be rank Adjudant or Adjudant Chef.
  3. Hi, try this, Fourragères et Aiguillettes (fourrageres.blogspot.com) maybe there are some information, Another one, but no special information to your question. ausgabe78.pdf (deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de) Michael
  4. Sorry, I only have a pin in my collection.
  5. History of the US Forces in Germany Labor Service and Civilian Support Organization/Geschichte des Labor Service und der Civilian Support Organisation der US Streitkräfte in Europa (usarmygermany.com)
  6. It would be too expensive to make every year a new sports medaille. you know the first badge?
  7. Hi, i got it with a personal dedication from the author, so I will not give it away. But I know he will sell it for 65 Euro including shipping from France to Germany
  8. Hello, last week I received this book from France from a friend My French is not so good and EK is not my favorite interest, so I cannot give an objective opinion about it. about 250 pages, very much pictures
  9. Hi, the German seams to be a civil sport award, usually given once a year in a big ceremony to all successful sportsmen/-women of a town for the last year/season. Rottweil: Ehrung für vielfältige sportliche Leistungen - NRWZ.de from the town I live.
  10. ausgabe78.pdf (deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de) look at picture 20 the ribbons look the same than these in your picture Here also the ribbon bar looks like in your picture. legion etrangere indochine uniform - Google Suche I think the second is the Medaille Outre Mer and the picture was taken before 1953, the year the Commemo Indochine was introduced.
  11. Wearing a pucelle on the shoulder shows the former regiment where he came from. Medaille Indochine, are you sure? I zoomed the placard ... the stripes does not fit.
  12. Could the insignia on the shoulder be the pucelle de 13. DBLE? Can you give a photo without the light reflection on the shoulder part?
  13. Hi, welcome. Bad Kissingen … the middle of nowhere … I grew up in Wuerzburg and Schweinfurt, Maybe you has visitied these towns. Michael
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