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  1. Here is a ribbon, i took the photo 2014 at the Swiss 2day march, with the Pins for 50, 75 and 2006.
  2. Hello, herr is a photo of the clasp for the participation of the 100. 4daagse in Nijmegen. It is from a friend from Austria. Michael
  3. Or maybe this ... http://fourrageres.blogspot.de/
  4. Hi, watch this http://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ausgabe78.pdf and this one, mentioned above http://www.omsa.org/files/Wilson Fourg.pdf 1. Wilson, Graham: "Rope of Courage: A Brief Look at the French Fourragére." JOMSA, March-April 2011, p 32-38. Michael
  5. Hi, they are not exactly identical. If the fourragère was won during WW1 it is without an olive. If it is won during WW2, it is with an olive red with green. If a fourragère was won in both WW it is with an olive green with red for 14-18 and an olive red with green for 39-45. Michael
  6. Hi, I can read following: 3./Fallsch Jg Erg Btl 1 clear 5./Sturm Stgt (Stuttgart) Res. Laz. Dresden Fallsch. Jg. Ers. Btl. Aschersleben A.- u. E.-Stelle Dresden Michael
  7. Not a silver medal, it was the Olympic Order in silver. Messner refused the order.
  8. Hi, I found the second picture here http://www.kingsacademy.com/mhodges/03_The-World-since-1900/06_Dictatorship/06b_Rise-of-Hitler.htm, it is dated 1924. Michael
  9. Hi, the "prix olympique d´alpinism" was awarded three times. It was a part of the Olympic Art Competition which were held from 1912 - 1948 during the Summer Games. http://olympic-museum.de/art/1924.htm Some sources write that it was during the Winter Games. I really do not know when the Alpinism price was awarded, Winter or Summer. All three were got a Gold medal. 1924 the Mount Everest group around the Leader Charles Granville Bruce (I remember once I read the group got Silver and only Bruce got Gold, but I just cannot find the source right now) 1932 the brothers Franz and Toni Schmid, Toni died 1932 in an alpinism accident before receiving the medal. 1936 Hettie and Günter Oskar Dyhrenfurth They all received the same medals the athlets received. Maybe later prices for Alpinism were awarded, but I do not know if the got Olympic medals. According to the Art competitions, after 1948 they were hold beside the Games, but not awarded, since 2000 prices (but no olympic medals) are given. Michael
  10. Hi, on this side you also can see the participation medals http://olympic-museum.de/pmedals/olympic-games-participation-medals-1896.htm http://olympic-museum.de/w_medals/olympic-games-winner-medal-2012.htm Michael
  11. Hi, the first is difficult to read. The second is Kräher. Michael Do you need anything else from the posted pages to trnslate or read?
  12. Eintragungen siehe Seite 11 ... Dienstzeit rechnet ab 15.1.40 Vereidigt am 30.1.40
  13. Hi Edwina, i wouldn´t offer my help f I do not want to do it ... Only page 33, not 32 too? page 33 all without date - Durchmarsch nördlich d(er) Somme bei 11./IR 44 - Verfolgung bis zur Seine - Verfolgung bis zur Loire - Kämpfe um die Loire und Verfolgung bis zur Küste - Besetzung Südwestfrankreichs - Sicherung der Demarkationslinine u(nd) Küste, Schutz an der franz(ösischen) Atlantikküste - Verwend(ung) im Heimatkr(iegs?)-Geb(iet) Demarkationslinine - withou ´n´ - ... only ..linie at the end. page 32 - Durchbruchskämpfe im Gebiet ?? - Kampf um d. ?-Übergange - Kampf um d. Bog-Übergänge - Verfolgung in Ostpolen - Gefechte im Gebiet um ? ?, ?, ?, Minsk, ?, ? - Kampf vor Praga bei 9./ IR 44 - Vormarsch durch Holland, Belgien und Nordfrankreich - Kämpfe um Westflandern und um Lille
  14. Hi amrion, after the capizulation the Allied forced the germans to sweep the waters and teh seeways. So the German Kriegsmarine mine sweepers did the same they did before, only under a new command now. So I think the insignias are the same of the Kriegsmarine and teh GMSA http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/i/2dwr-b2.jpg The GMSA (German Mine Sweeping Admninistration) was endes in December 1947 bacause of pressure from Russia. They feared a remilitarisation of Germany uhidden under the Amreican. Michael
  15. Hi do you need some more translation or help with the old German writing? Michael
  16. Sorry for the senseless words I wrote, that is because of autocorrection of my tablet.
  17. Hi, Could the Place Underdog 424 bei Michalkino? And "Leib" is not a place, it means body. The 2nd coloum tells the part being wounded. Michael
  18. Hi, today on facebook I got a suggestion list of possible new friends (usually friends of people in my friend list) and saw an ACH der 2. REP with 5 bars on his MOM, too. He also wears the LH, MM, GdC TOE bronze star - CVM two golden and one bronze star, CC, MOM 5 bars - DefNat gold, MedCommemo two bars, MedReconn two bars. The fourth line beginns wir two Nato medals and then the picture is cut. Michael
  19. Hi, he doesn´t look very old for a Major. And he doesn´t wear the MM, which is, as I know, given for 25 years service. Michael
  20. Well, this is descrobed in this book, page 71 http://www.amazon.com/insignes-Legion-etrangere-French-Edition/dp/2950593801
  21. Hi, they never used skull as a skull itself, but watch the first breast bedge of the 3rd REI. If you take away the fourragères you will see one. See SZECSKO, page 71. In my opinion the insignia shown in the picture is self made. Michael
  22. Hi, according to Szecsko´s book, page 361, it is the 2e cie de réparation de la Legion Etrangere CRLE, later the 2e cie. moyenne de réparation de la Legion Etrangere CMRLE. Created in 1949 out of the 64th cie de rép., which was created in 1945 in Mascara. The time of the Cie ended 1955, sorry I just do nit have the word for "aufgelöst". watch this http://more-majorum.de/einheiten/materiel/2crle/index.html Greetings Michael
  23. Hi, no, I simply put the inscription to the google search. Michl
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