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  1. here is my example , i think it is a good one . it is a little dirty and the ribbon is faded but i like it it was not so cheap some years ago
  2. hello to all i just have time to update my site , until today i found 10 differend makers and variations . http://www.dcollect.net/collection/B001firecross.html thanks ,bjorn
  3. thanks everybody i think i will ask 400 euro with a fixed price , i think it is a good and fair price ? thanks , bjorn .
  4. i am willing to sell the medal on this forum but how is it possible , do i need to pay or do i need to have a amount of posts ? thanks ,
  5. that's a fair price , and a nice example for the collection , i like this piece
  6. can i ask what te price was for the "Commemorative Medal 1870 -1871" thanks ,
  7. can i ask what te price was for the "Commemorative Medal 1870 -1871" thanks ,
  8. i look at the many differences between the medals , sometimes there are big differences between them due to other makers and sometimes there is a very small difference because of the same maker but other time period , without the boxes it is hard to tell for shure , i do not know any site where i can find some more information , if i have a few years spare time i can make a site thanks , bjorn .
  9. the surface is silver for shure because of teh silver test , but i want to know what is under the surface , if it is solid silver or not , i think i only can compare the weight of a original and my example . i want to be 100 procent sure if i sell it , i do not want to ripp somebody off .t thanks , bjorn .
  10. yes , a very good thought , i cleaned it a littlebecause it was a little black .
  11. i am cleaning out some boxes and found a british military cross . it looks silver and i went to a jeweller and he old me this is a silver one by making a silver test . and it is heavy and nicely made . But i want to be 100 procent correct if i sell this medal and i want to tell the buyer it is solid silver or just a other metal with a silver layer . Now i want to ask if i can measure the weight of the medal to see if it it a good one or a copy ? thanks , bjorn .
  12. This is a view of my lifetime collections with all differend makers of this medal , as you can see i have only a few silver ones and no bronze ones .
  13. a great thank you for everybody for all the reply's thanks ; bjorn .
  14. do i have the correct information if i say that : austria medals with a maker mark and the word BRONZE are french made examples ? are these more difficult to find ? thanks , dcollect .
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