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  1. i look at the many differences between the medals , sometimes there are big differences between them due to other makers and sometimes there is a very small difference because of the same maker but other time period ,

    without the boxes it is hard to tell for shure ,

    i do not know any site where i can find some more information ,

    if i have a few years spare time i can make a site

    thanks , bjorn .

  2. i am cleaning out some boxes and found a british military cross . it looks silver and i went to a jeweller and he old me this is a silver one by making a silver test . and it is heavy and nicely made .

    But i want to be 100 procent correct if i sell this medal and i want to tell the buyer it is solid silver or just a other metal with a silver layer .

    Now i want to ask if i can measure the weight of the medal to see if it it a good one or a copy ?

    thanks , bjorn .

  3. thanks for the information

    i see there is not a big amount of information about this subject on the net .

    i checked avery medal i have and only 1 of them ( aircrew europe star ) have 5 dots on the crown and the others are 4 1/2 dots , is this a sign on evry campaign medal or only on the ( aircrew europe star ) ?

    and what about the VI on the 1st pic i put on the topic

    thanks , bjorn .

  4. hello there

    I am sorting out of my collection of britisch and i am looking for some information or sites where i can find out if my stars are good or not , i have them for about 15 years now and never looked at them if they are good .

    they all come from groupings and non of them are named .

    on the 1st pic are all the medals i have now

    on the 2nd pic is a closeup and i see 2 differend cyphres VI and differend crownes , is this a sign of coy or original ?

    thanks , bjorn .


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